Why You Should Choose Northern Circuit Route For Your Kilimanjaro Climb?

Northern Circuit Kilimanjaro

To touch the snowy crown of Mount Kilimanjaro, there are seven Kilimanjaro Routes from which you have to choose the best. The seven routes are Machame route, Lemosho Route, Marangu route, Rongai Route, Northern circuit route, Shira route, and Umbwe route. Among all the seven routes, Northern Circuit Route is the newest and longest path to the Kilimanjaro Summit. You will see 360-degree beautiful scenery on this path. If you consider the acclimatization process, this is the best route to get your body acclimatized as this is the longest route and easer path.


Northern Circuit Kilimanjaro
  • The Northern Circuit Route is longer than all the other routes on the Kilimanjaro Trails.
  • It approaches the peak from the Moshi to the Londorossi gate. From there the Northern Circuit goes along the Lemosho route for the first days, traveling through the Kilimanjaro rainforest below the mountain. And then slowly ascending the Shira Ridge to cross the high Shira Plateau region.
  • After reaching the lava tower you will leave the Lemosho route and continue to follow the Northern Circuit properly.
  • As the northern side of Kilimanjaro is more remote as compared to other sides, it has the benefits of encountering less traffic.
  • It takes a minimum of eight days to complete the Kilimanjaro Trek. But it is better to keep one extra day for a better success rate.
  • The Northern Circuit Route has a success rate of 90%.
  • However, the additional day on the mountain adds success rates for Northern Circuit trekkers are relatively high. Simply, the longer itinerary means that it has a good acclimatization profile.  You can naturally “walk high, sleep low” which helps with acclimatizing your body to the weather.
  • Additionally, For beginners, it offers stunning scenery including the quiet and less traffic northern slope. The Northern Circuit is the only route to showcase this calm environment during the Mount Kilimanjaro trek.
  • You can also explore more of Kilimanjaro Trails via this slightly longer route enjoying its various scenarios thoroughly.


Northern Circuit Kilimanjaro
  • A minimum of eight days is required to complete your Kilimanjaro Trek through the Northern Circuit Route.
  • Still, we recommend a nine-day itinerary as this extra day will give you more time to acclimatize yourself.
  • Especially through this route, the main criteria is to take your time and infuse every climate that the mountain offer!


Northern Circuit Kilimanjaro
  • On the first day of your Kilimanjaro Expedition through the Northern Circuit Route, you will start from the Londorossi gate. Then you will start ascending through the rainforest for three to four hours to reach Mkubwa Camp and there you will be staying the night.
  • On the second day, your trek will start through the last part of the rainforest till you enter the moorland terrain. The path leads towards Shira Plateau and Shira Camp, where you will rest for the night.
  • On the third day, you will find your way across the Shira Plateau to Shira Camp on Mount Kilimanjaro. The hiking lasts just for three to four hours. Since this day, you will feel the temperature start to change. It will be very low with the nights sometimes reducing below freezing.
  • On the fourth day on the Kilimanjaro Trails, you will be trekking for long five to seven hours through the high alpine desert. You will climb to the Lava Tower and then back down to the Moir Camp. This is the most important acclimatization day.
  • You will be hiking for five to seven hours on the fifth day. The trek begins with a steep inclination as you are heading around Kibo’s north face. Then you will walk through the alpine desert to reach the Pofu Camp, where you will do your night halt.
  • On the sixth day of your Kilimanjaro Hike through the Northern Circuit Route, you will face a lengthy but very rewarding trekking day. You will also spot some Buffaloes here. After crossing the valleys on this trek of five to seven hours and reaching the Third Cave, where you will halt for the night.
  • On the seventh day, you exhibit a steady climb over the Saddle which stretches Today you undertake a steady climb over the Saddle which is a stretch of barren land connecting the two peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi. You will climb for four to five hours to arrive at the School Hut, where you will take a rest.
  • On the eighth day, which is your summit day, it is the time to dig deep and use all of your determination to reach the Kilimanjaro Summit.

Although it is possible to complete the Kilimanjaro trekking in 8 days path of the Northern Circuit Route, still we, at Jerry Tanzania Tours, recommend a nine days trek. Because the key to the successful Kilimanjaro summit is acclimatization. Keeping an eye on it you should add one extra day to your expedition package for a more enjoyable trip. However to complete your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro slowly and safely abiding by all the safety precautions

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