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Why You Should Book Tanzania Safari On Autumn Season?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Do you really want to take a breath away break during autumn? Do you want to feel the falling leaves of autumn? Just chill and get ready for safari and trap the charm of both flora and fauna. Is autumn the best to go to Tanzania Safari?

A big “yes” to this question!

Tanzania Safari Tours would possibly the best ever experience if you want to try it in autumn. Tanzania Safari Holidays can be expressed differently in the autumn season. Why? Let’s have a look at the Best Time To Visit Tanzania.


This is also known as the ‘Emerald Season’ or more prominently the Green Season. It’s a beautiful time of the year when everything is green and luxuriant. Tanzania Travel Guide shows all the migratory birds are in full procreation plumage – it’s a time for butterflies, flora, and colourful insects.


If you are a keen photographer and are looking for the ideal time of year to add to your assortment and Tanzania’s autumn safari is the perfect time for you!

Though the amplified torrent of Tanzania Safari Tours in autumn means that wildlife is not as rampant as it is during the dry season, the reliable warmth means you are still sure-fire to view a various range of games through your autumnal adventure.


We have a set of wide range of Tanzania Safari Packages that are modified to meet all plans and needs. Our professional safari squad is secure to provide you with an understanding that you will never go to forget!

Whether you want to observe the huge wildlife and culture available in Tanzania or mission out to the heights and famous landmarks of Tanzania, you will be able to locate a Safari that echoes your wishes at Jerry Tanzania Tours.


  • The ‘shoulder months’ of autumn and spring are forever a tricky one as far as packing is concerned. Tanzania Travel Advice has so many categories but according to Temperatures can vary dramatically within a normal two-week trip. So the Boy Scout axiom of ‘be prepared’ is suitable.
  • We propose that you still carry a lot of hot climate clothing – t-shirts, short-sleeved tops, shorts, swim cog. But also be prepared for hotness to change quite rapidly, particularly at night. As per the Tanzania Safari Guide, we never recognize when summer will vary to Autumn and Autumn to Winter.
  • Nighttime hotness starts reaching evidently cooler in Autumn so take a warmer jacket. On a game drive, be ready for a sudden slump in temperature once the dusk happen. It’s not unusual to start a game drive at 4.00 pm sense particularly hot and end it three hours later sense on the cold side.
  • Long trousers will be helpful for the cooler evenings, rather than as safety from mosquito movement.


  • Jackets or sleeveless jackets for the start and end of the whole day.
  • Shirts, including short sleeves
  • Series of summer and warmer clothing
  • Trekking shoes
  • Long trousers for the evening for protection from mosquito
  • Neutral ‘bush’ colours of brown, khaki, and green if you be going to do a walking safari

Tanzania Safari Tours can be a heavenly experience the all-season but every season defines the beauty differently so take the Safari In Tanzania taste in your terms of season.  For more details feel free to contact on @ Jerry Tanzania Tours.

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