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The “Green Season” in Serengeti National Park, falls during the long wet seasons over April and May. This season accords with the winter season Northern Hemisphere. As the name, Green Season suggests the fact that the rainy season in Easter African land fetches its exploration of greenery and new life. The barren lands turn to a verdant green from a dry brown area. It adores the safari land with splashes of colors as the flowers bloom. During this Green Season, Serengeti Safari escorts an abundance of insects and flocks of migrant birds. Moreover, you will find signs of life are seen everywhere.

But we are one of the best Tanzania Safari Experts, which means that we have travelled all Tanzania Destinations that we are recommending here. We realize where to find the mystery fortunes of the Green Season, and we realize these gems are overwhelming to offer the best. In the event that you go to the right places to visit in Tanzania, then the Green Season can be the Best Time To Visit Tanzania. So are you wanting to add Serengeti Safari on your Tanzania Safari Tours on this Green Season?


  • In the Eastern region of Africa, there are two rainy seasons, the short one and a long one. The short rainy season comes in November while the long rainy season starts from April and ends in May.
  • Traditionally, maximum travelers are convinced that the rainy season is not that great time to go for a safari life, and for various reasons, several Safari Camps remain close over the wet season.
  • But actually, you will find a different safari season which not only delivers an amazing safari experience but also has some additional unexpected benefits which will go for ensuring you a truly epic and memorable safari holiday.
  • Yes! We are talking about the “Green Season Safari”, the Secret scenic wild season which is the Best Time To See Serengeti Migration.


  • Best Price Range:

During the green season months in Serengeti, you will see a dramatic drop in the prices of everything. And this is a good reason for anyone to go at that time. You can even afford to stay longer to enjoy the wilderness more.

  • Less Traffic:

Another plus to travel during this time of year is that there are fewer people came to visit.This can be a big issue in the high season months as maximum traffic is seen in high season.

  • The Greenery:

This is probably the biggest reason to go on safari during the green season. Because after the rain the entire land becomes green and lush.The trees become full flush and the colorful flowers bloom across the landscape. Stormy clouds add more color and a dramatic view.

  • Longer Days:

You will find more daylight hours through the summer months and this certainly has a great impact on your safari life.The months of June, July & August represent the shortest days of the year in southern Africa, there is a rule, all camps and lodges shorten their game drive timings to suit the new time zone.

  • Relieve From Cold Morning:

In southern Africa, the winter season, or the dry season the mornings are downright freezing. You will need to carry a beanie, scarf, gloves and a very warm coat.Going out in the early morning in an open the hardest of safari-goers.If you go during the Green Season, you will find a smooth and soothing morning as the temperature is not so low during this time.

  • More Flexibility:

Going on a safari in the green season months you will be able to take advantage of particular ‘windows of opportunity’ which is worth your consideration.

  • Best Time For Antelopes And Birds:

The green season delivers the first rains, the dramatic skies, and the new grass. This creates the perfect breeding place for hundreds of young antelope like springbok, impala, kudu, waterbuck, and a host of others. Insects are also prolific but if you are a person who loves butterflies and moths, fireflies & fire lilies, frogs, and toads, then you are going to love this season.

  • No Dryness & Dust:

During the dry season months, which include June through October, the landscape slowly dries, the water of the river dries up and the air is filled with dust. But the contrast, during the Green Season, the air becomes wonderfully clear and free from the dust and haze creating the best scenery of Africa. And in the green season, the sunrises are more arresting and the sunsets more astounding!

  • Special Offers:

During the green season, Tanzania Safari Operators also put several ‘special offers’ for this time of year combining the camps and lodges with the significant savings.

  • Discounted Child Rates:

In the green season, many safari operators in Serengeti National Park will do away with single supplements charged for single travelers. In the green season, the safari operators in Serengeti can relax the restriction to encourage more custom. The availability of children’s’ discounts in the green season months can be a deal clincher. Traveling in the green season is much cheaper.


  • The Green Season is a specific period in Africa which falls between or after the rainy seasons at the Serengeti National Park. The wilderness of Africa spreads out from waterholes and rivers, making the most of the lavish surface water. Most importantly it takes the advantage of the fresh grazing that turns the dry savannah into swanky rolling grasslands.
  • This new grazing triggers the migrations in large numbers, where you can find the migration of large herds of wildebeest and zebra in both East and Southern Africa.
  • It is considered a bad time for spotting the game view because the animals are no longer strenuous around permanent water sources. So they are harder to spot in the abundance of new leaves and tall grasses during this green season.
  • It is not conventionally considered a comfortable time to go on safari either the summer heat is made sticky by the humidity that has raised by afternoon thundershowers and bugs are at their most prolific during these perfect breeding conditions.
  • The Serengeti National Park is one of the best-known parks in Tanzania Safari Tours and the entire African continent. One of the reasons why it enjoys at great fame is the Great Wildebeest Migration that, every year since unmindful time, moves through its prairies: almost 2 million wildebeests and zebras move in the park and in the surrounding areas, that constitute the Serengeti Ecosystem, constantly looking for new pastures and water, on which they depend.
  • Besides the Great Migration in Serengeti National Park is home to numerous animals, especially large cats, such as lions, leopards, and cheetahs. During the dry season, they accumulate near a few water sources while, in the green season, they are dispersed in the territory.
  • In the Ndutu area this season, from December to April, the Great Migration is present: as far as the eye can see, there are not only the numerous herds of wildebeests and zebras but also many of Thomson’s gazelles and Grant’s gazelles, which browse the grass of these immense pampas of low grass.  Serengeti derives from a Masai word, “siringit” which means “prairies, as far as your eye can see”.
  • You will find a huge occurrence of prey certainly attract many predators, in addition to the cat families residing at this place all the year-round. And the others migrate here for the great Migration that you can make a brilliant sighting.
  • During this time of the year, the Ndutu area is the most spectacular. You will find the vegetation and grasslands there, are bright green and the Ndutu Lake is full of blue clear water and you will find small gutters of water and ponds everywhere.
  • Besides the herds of the Great Migration, you can witness small antelopes, giraffes, elands, kudus, Coke hartebeests, impalas, spotted hyenas, jackals, lions, cheetahs and many species of birds like eagles and vultures, many species of storks, such as marabous, and other species.
  • At this time of the year, there are decent chances to watch hunting attempts, not all of them are successful, but it is still exciting to attend them.
  • You can also enjoy the scenic views of Serengeti Safari in the Ndutu area, along a track on the border between the Serengeti National Park and
  • The panoramic views during these green season, it’s a really exciting and beautiful experience during your Tanzania Safari, it’s just us and all these herbivores that are busy browsing; some zebra foal is already born, has a ruffled coat, and remains very close to the mother from which it takes milk.
  • You can also spot some lions that have climbed on the trees, in the green season it is easier to see them climb on the trunks to get a better view, the grass, and the more luxuriant vegetation do not allow them to scrutinize the horizon.
  • In Serengeti Safari You will witness many birds including a beautiful martial eagle on the branch of a tree with prey, several starlings, sea jays, and many others.


  1. You will find yourself a more energetic and active Safari Traveler.
  2. You will witness larger concentrations of animals at a closer range.
  3. You will get to capture the most unbelievable photographs in incredible colors.
  4. You will see more predators and prey.
  5. You will have a section of the Serengeti or Maasai Mara entirely to yourselves.
  6. You will know a richer Safari life as you are exposed to other fascinating aspects of wildlife, &
  7. Enjoy longer days in Africa with the early rising and late setting African sun in summer.


Serengeti National Park during the Green Season delivers the most fascinating sighting of thousands of wilderness accumulated together, where you can witness the wilderness from a close-up view. We, at Jerry Tanzania Tours, assure your Green Season journey with all the facilities and comforts. We have a group of handpicked and highly experienced Safari Guides who will help you to explore the African wilderness on your Tanzania Safari Tours.

We are 24/7 available to make your safari dream true! Call Jerry Tanzania Tours now to get your queries solved by our experts.

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