28 Oct

Why Should You Climb Kilimanjaro Via 6-Days Machame Route?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Machame Route

Your selection of the Kilimanjaro Route plays the most vital role to touch the Uhuru Point at Kilimanjaro Summit. Among all the seven Routes Package, 6 Days Machame Route has the most spectacular journey through the Kilimanjaro Trails. You will see a charming view on both sides, overloaded with natural beauty. This route is also the safest and the shortest one among all the routes.

Let’s have a look at the specialty of the Machame Route.


Machame Route
  • Machame Route is famous for its panoramic scenery found on both sides of the path. The flora and fauna you will see during your Kilimanjaro Trek through this path make it totally different from others.
  • This is otherwise known as the “Whiskey Route”. It is the most popular among the seven Kilimanjaro Routes.
  • This route encounters the highest traffic and also has a great acclimatization profile.
  • It encounters the Kilimanjaro Success Rate of 85% when you choose a seven days path. The success rate drops to 73% when you choose the six days path.
  • It is possible to complete the Kilimanjaro trek to the Kilimanjaro Summit in a minimum of six days, but we recommend the seven-day journey through the Machame route.
  • After all, it is better to spend one additional day on the Kilimanjaro trails through the Machame Route for a successful Kilimanjaro Summit and for better acclimatization.


Machame Route

If you are choosing only to have six days for Climbing Kilimanjaro, then the Machame route is the best choice as it has the best acclimatization profile as compared to other Kilimanjaro Routes. This route exposes the climber to higher elevations very quickly, which triggers the body’s adaptation to the higher altitude. However, this route also requires a person should be in a good shape and be able to tackle the adverse climate changes and high elevation.

Let’s jump to the day-wise itinerary of the whole voyage.

  • On the first day, you will be starting your Kilimanjaro Trekking from Moshi. You will be heading toward the Kilimanjaro National Park and then start your trek through the verdant rainforest that covers the lower regions of Kilimanjaro. After completing five to six hours of heavy trekking, you will finish your day at Machame Camp, at 3000 meters in height. Your porters will arrange your tents, hot water for bathing, and food for you.
  • On the second day, you will find your path through the lush forest to scrubby moorland giving you different hiking experiences. By the mid-afternoon, you will arrive at the Shira Camp where you will take a rest for the night amidst the spectacular views of the Kibo glacier.
  • The third-day target will be too daunting from the Lava tower which is at the height of 4640 meters. After climbing 700m up the Lava Tower, you will have to descend gradually towards the Barranco Camp at 4,500m. This camp is considered the most beautiful camp on the Kilimanjaro Trails, Barranco will be your home for the night.
  • On the fourth day, you will get the real taste of Mountain Trekking as you will encounter the Barranco wall. After this tactful crossing, you will continue to head towards the Karanga Valley, where your lunch will be ready. After having your meal, again you will continue to trek for another two to three hours until you reach the Barafu Camp. It will the most important night for you as you are summiting the next day. So drink plenty of water and eat healthily.
  • You will start your day early, just after midnight actually. Your climbing team will wake you up with a cup of hot tea and a light snack for energy. You will continue your Kilimanjaro Hiking in the darkness for the next five to six hours. And then you will arrive at Stella Point a few hours before the dawn appears. Then there will be another two hours of intense hiking waiting for you before you reach your ultimate goal, the Uhuru Peak. After snapping your photos you will begin to descend back down towards the Barafu Camp, where you will have your lunch. After a bit of rest, you will continue to go down to the Mweka Camp. 
  • The sixth day is the day of celebration, as it will be the last breakfast on the Mount Kilimanjaro Trails before descending to the Mweka gate. You will be celebrating with your porters and guides and then gift them their tips for their hard work. You will get a certificate of completion of the Kilimanjaro Summit.

If you take a glance at the above itinerary, you will find the whole trip will become so clumsy as the activities are too packed and full of pressure. So it is better to add another day to the itinerary.

In Conclusion, Standing at a height of 5,985m, on Uhuru Peak, you will be able to experience the most spectacular sunrise that will capture you in the panoramic view. As we all know fact that the successful Kilimanjaro Summit is proportional to the duration of your expedition, it is recommended to add one extra day to your itinerary. We, at Jerry Tanzania Tours, recommend seven days journey through the Machame Route for better acclimatization.

If you are facing any problem then do comment below in the comment section. Our experts will solve all your queries.

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