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Why Did You Return To Kilimanjaro - What Compels Someone To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro Twice?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most challenging and well-known trekking worldwide.  The guides of the local operator who give their services at the feet of Mount Kilimanjaro will tackle the challenges. There are very few other people (passionate mountaineers) who crack the Kilimanjaro Trek more than once. There is a certain reason that’s why some people want to hike it twice. Most of the people try it to again as a guide of a new hiker who is dearer one. 

What Exactly Compels Someone To Do Kilimanjaro Climb Twice?

Kilimanjaro is a really dramatic part of the world with different ecological zones. Those who Climb Mount Kilimanjaro derive away from it with this huge sense of achievement.  It is really willing and proud moment for them. Having a Kilimanjaro trip like this changes the personality of a person. People have the confidence to take the responsibilities of a challenge leader right after coming back from Kilimanjaro the first time. The trekker already has the successful trekking, hiking again to the Kilimanjaro is something like captivating them more. It is completely a choice of why to make Kilimanjaro Climb again. Most of the time trekkers want to hike Kilimanjaro for having experience of different routes.

What did you in a different way on your second Kilimanjaro Trek?

The trekkers who have already climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, have very thorough knowledge about the path and the guidelines follow dur5ing the Kilimanjaro Hike.  It’s really vital to get that communal spirit successful whilst you’re attempting the mountain. So it will awesome to have that new response, having been there before.

The Twice Trekker Must Share A Piece Of Advice For A First Time Climber

It a mandatory and useful thing to advice the new trekkers.  Just take your time. Enjoy yourself and the path. Breathe slowly in your surroundings. Sure, there will be periods during your 5- 9 days on the mountain where you won’t want to be there. Everyone face ups and downs when you’re Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. But the hard work and training will pay off when you touch that last stretch from Stella Point to Uluru Peak of Kilimanjaro. You’ll treasure your memories from Kilimanjaro forever.

Did you have a different mindset the second time around?

For trekking twice to Kilimanjaro, you must challenge leading. So it came with an additional amount of responsibility and bond. Obviously, the pressure will be there.  There’s also the dimension that as each hiking day goes by, you know what you will face by going ahead. In some ways makes it more demanding because you get very inside your perspective about Climb Kilimanjaro Guide. On the one side, you’re at an advantage because of the acquaintance but on the other, your task is made harder by the perceptual pressure of being back there.

What’s the favourite part of the Kilimanjaro trek?

The favourite part of the Kilimanjaro trekking is always different but this sure that only one thing cannot be the favourite part of the previous trek. Obviously, there4 are many things not to forget about. The sight at every campsite and glacier wall, staying at the crater rim, having the sight of the full moon is very special for those who have already trekked Kilimanjaro. But climbing again may be or may not offer you the same experience.

Having Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a passion or hope of getting something different fr5om their previous trek. But it’s more about the responsibility to guide the new trekker with whom you will hike again. The trekking will not same like before if you choose any other route. You wi9ll again get surprised with various factors and experience. But it will easy to maintain physical fitness for the second time Kilimanjaro Trek. If you are thinking to have a Kilimanjaro trek once again enquiry us @Jerry Tanzania Tours.

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