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Trail Shoes Vs. Boots On Kilimanjaro – Which Are Better?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Kilimanjaro Hiking Boot

When it boasts about Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the most important and predominant question that comes to our mind is what will be added to the Kilimanjaro Packing List? And also what kind of shoes should be included in the Kilimanjaro Gear List that we are supposed to wear during the hike. Whether it’s trails shoes or boots to choose for Kilimanjaro Climbing?

If you are confused about this, then don’t worry about it, with utmost pleasure, we are here to give you a complete overview of both so that you can easily decide which one to choose for your Kilimanjaro Hike to be comfortable and smooth.


Kilimanjaro Hiking Boot
  • The basic thing worth keeping in mind is that both hiking boots and trail shoes will help you adequately on the trail, but where, when, and how you hike may impact your choice. Keeping yourself upright while wearing trail shoes takes a while to master.
  • On the other hand, the wide, thick soles on hiking boots will provide a stable base for every footfall. However don’t fall for the stability it provides rather think of the weight you have to carry along your feet while hiking with these bulky boots, whereas the trail shoes are known for their comfortless right out of the box.
  • Before getting into the detailed view about both this footwear of your Kilimanjaro Packing List, there are certain criteria which matter a lot and helps you in deciding the pair of shoes that you might end up choosing, they are:
  • Type of terrain/surface that you are going to hike.
  • Your body shape and structure.
  • The distance you are going to travel, which makes you consider the durability of the shoes while grabbing one of those shoes.
  • The speed at which you will be hiking or trekking.


Trail Shoes
  • These are known for their comfortless right out of the box and their lightweight, as you have to walk for days together continuously, trail shoes will make you feel like a boon for you, as they don’t add to your pain and muscle strain, unlike the heavy hike boots.
  • Now another point worth noticing is that the shoes come in various colors and shapes and a fashion lover would anytime go for a pair of fashionable shoes while on a hike because a pair of handy lightweight and comfortable shoes adds to their fashion quotient and makes them trendy enough.
  • However, a particular choice is never the right choice for all, and the hike boots have a lot to offer as well.
  • The main attraction of the trail shoes is; these are lightweight, more agile.


  • These act as a shield for your feet, their ruggedness, rock-solid built, water protection, ankle support will save your feet from almost any kind of accident while you are on the hike, Thereby becoming a hike saver for you as feet are the most important part of your body worth taken care of throughout the hike, for a successful Kilimanjaro summit.
  • Another important point to notice is that these boots offer more durability compared to its competitor – “Mr. Fascinating” trail shoes.
  • As well as we have already discussed the shoes we might choose for our hike, let us go deeper and check out the list of items that we need to pack and carry for surviving a dangerous yet exciting and interesting hike to an altitude of around 5,895 miles.
  • As compared to trail shoes, boots give more protection from the numerous elements that include both cold and moisture.
  • The temperature on Kilimanjaro goes below zero especially when you ascent to a higher altitude. Your feet going to freeze on the Kilimanjaro Trails. So a leather hiking boot with a waterproof liner is going to be warmer than shoes.
  • For rainy or snowy conditions on Mount Kilimanjaro, hiking boots are better. Because of the height of the boots, your feet will be less likely wet while it is raining, hiking on snow, or stepping in puddles. Using boots with waterproof pants and gaiters creates a hard barrier to let the moisture out.
  • It gives more ankle support, better traction. It is also more durable, more protective, and warmer.


Kilimanjaro Hiking Boot
  • Your footwear, which will be added to your Kilimanjaro Packing List is one of the most important parts of your hike. This decides your success and failure of the hike, without proper gear you cannot think of a successful summit.
  • As compared to trail shoes, Boots are proved more efficient during Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • The main reason is the warmth and protection. It is proved that the Hiking Boots give the best insulation to your feet from the freezing cold on the High Altitude of Kilimanjaro.

While Preparing to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro there are certain things worth keeping in mind such as the stuff you need to carry and the kinds of stuff you need to rent. There is a famous saying “less luggage more comfort”, so you need to decide and choose wisely as to which items you are specific about and which items can be rented from the trek support facilities.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is an experience worth going through once in a lifetime and with the support of our specialized team, we can make your dream come true. The concluding line is both the boots and shoes will work on Mount Kilimanjaro. So you choose the one which you are comfortable with. Do write us your opinion in the comment section below and also let us know if we have missed anything. We wish you a happy, safe, and successful hike full of adventure, laughter, and memories worth a billion.

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