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Step Into Reach Gilman's Point To Find One Of The Top Milestones During Kilimanjaro Climb

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

A position on mt. Kilimanjaro that grades the end of the screen crammed slopes of Kibo and the start of the crater rim. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is like passing several phases of the environment. From the path, there are many spots having several points which means different achievements of acclimatization. If you are going higher and higher then you will be going to meet Gilman’s Point and Stella point which is really a satisfying point for the mountaineers.  


  • Basically, you can get it from hiking from anywhere from Kilimanjaro. The only mountaineer on the Marangu, Rongai, and northern circuit routes overtake by Gilman’s Point on summit day — generally the 3 or 4 days of remain to the final reach.
  • Ascend to Gilman’s point starts from Kibo shelters of camp at midnight and is generally the toughest part of the way. Some climbers complete their journey at Gilman’s point, because of exhaustion and high altitude sickness; however, the hike from Gilman’s point to Uhuru Peak (the summit) is greatly easier.
  • There is a massive signpost segregate this point that was put up by the park authorities. During the day, at dusk or at dawn, Gilman’s point presents an astonishing sight of Kibo’s crater, Mawenzi, and the saddle within the two summits.


Gilmans’ point is one of the 3 summit points on Mount Kilimanjaro; this point is closer to the peak than the Stella point and the actual summit Uhuru peak. Situated to the edge of the crater rim, at an altitude of 5,685 meters, climbers who reach Gilman’s point will legitimately get the Kilimanjaro Climb certificate and can conceitedly that they reached the top of the tallest great mountain of Africa.


Generally, it’s also known as one of the three summit points of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. If you are going next to Gilman’s point, you will be at the Uhuru peak whose altitude is about 5,756mters.


  • Hiking or trekking must have given some physical pain; this point makes you forget your pain ad cramps.
  •  How can you forget to take photos at this point? So it’s something you must have to do.
  • Have some time off before progressing on your scramble to the summit. But if you don’t create it anymore, the park authority will be going to offer a certificate for reaching this point.


  • Gilman’s point is situated on the eastern part of Kibo’s crater rim — the maximum of Mount Kilimanjaro’s 3 altitudes.
  • A mound of rocks at the end of an endless mount is identifiable to mounting climbers as the first location after Kibo huts that have a solid ground.
  • It is well within the frozen vegetation zone of the mountain, with no precipitation flora and fauna — just rocks and a lot of ice from moisture concentration during the night time.


The summit of Kilimanjaro is known as “Uhuru Peak” with an altitude of 5,895metres (19,341 feet). It is greatly known as the free-standing hill of the world and the tallest mountain of Africa.

It is essential to hiking with a licensed guide. There is no alternative to ascend solo. enchanting into deliberation authorize fees, park fees, camping, food logistics, and Climb Kilimanjaro Guide, the only practical way to mount the mountain is with a tour operator. Gilman’s point is should be the minimum goal of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. So mountaineers let’s go and grab the hike. For more details and guide contact on @ Jerry Tanzania Tours. Feel free to contact us now.

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