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Kilimanjaro Climbing Season – Find Right Seasons For Beginners To Maximise Summit Success Rate

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

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Kilimanjaro Climbing Season

Due to Mount Kilimanjaro’s vicinity to the equator, this region does not encounter the boundaries of winter and summer climate, yet rather dry and wet Kilimanjaro Climbing Season. Therefore, the Best Time To Climb Kilimanjaro tends to be the warmest and driest months. Correspondingly, your chances of a successful Kilimanjaro summit also increases ominously with decent Kilimanjaro Summit Weather. Obviously, the mountain gets more pedestrian activity during these periods too.

Are you are wondering about the Best Time Of Year To Climb Kilimanjaro to increase the possibility of success summit, despite having a well-planned Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro?

Mount Kilimanjaro is possible to climb all around the year, but for a smooth and successful summit, you should have detailed information for the right Kilimanjaro Climbing Season.

If you require guidance on which route, season, or combination to choose, please do not hesitate to contact our travel consultants who are on hand to find the perfect tour for you.


Mid-March to May is the worst and wettest season among all Kilimanjaro Climbing Season for the heavy rain. With an average temperature of 21 degrees, Celsius and average annual rainfall are 10 inches, April to May are the wettest months & Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is the most challenging.

Kilimanjaro Rainfall

In late February, there is a moderate amount of rainfall. In April and May, it is very difficult to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro because of the rain.

Mid-March to May is the long rainy season whereas, November and December are the months of the short rainy season.

  • Between June to July, the average temperature remains 12 degrees Celsius with an average rainfall of 1 inch.
  • Between August to October, the average temperature is 21 degrees Celsius and the average annual rainfall is 0.7 inches.
  • During November and December, the temperature remains 17 degrees Celsius with an average annual rainfall of 3 inches.


From late December to February, the Kilimanjaro Average Temperature remains warm and dry, but not the hot as the tropical temperature. In the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro during this time, the temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius. Between June and July, the lowest slopes remain colder with an average temperature of 12 degrees Celsius.

Temperature On Kilimanjaro

As the atmospheric pressure of the earth decreases, the temperature also decreases. In upper altitude regions, there is minimal atmospheric pressure, which results in the reduced temperature.

Though there is a temperature between 25 – 30 degrees Celsius in the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, the temperature remains -5 degrees Celsius in the summit zone of the Uhuru peak. There is only a difference of 5 degrees Celsius in temperature between the two consecutive months in Kilimanjaro.

You can face snow and cold at high altitude between January to March more than June to October.

Between August to October, the temperature remains 21 degrees Celsius with an average rainfall of 0.7 inches.

The temperature on the lower slopes varies according to the ecological zones, altitudes, and time of the day.

Won't you join us on the Roof of Africa?

Won't you join us on the Roof of Africa?

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Crowds On Kilimanjaro

In the main or high seasons, from July to September, the crowds are highest because of stable and dry weather. In short-season like from January to February, there are fewer crowds than in the main season.

To enjoy the nature and calm environment with fewer crowds, you should visit between January and February.


January to February and July to September are included in the dry season and regarded as the Best Month To Climb Kilimanjaro. From late December to February month and mid-June to October are the best season to climb Kilimanjaro and also known as the dry season.

Best Season For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

The average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius and the average rainfall is 2 inch is in between January Mid March. During these months, the temperature is moderately warm for which it is the best Kilimanjaro Climbing Season. For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro at a moderate price, late December to mid-March is also the Best Time To Climb Kilimanjaro.

The High Season

Late June to October is known as the peak or high season, at this time Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is easy and the best. As the days are dry, clear, and warm, this time is known as Kilimanjaro Climbing Season.

In January and February, there is not much crowd but more crowd than the rainy season.

In high season, you will face drier days and short nights. July to September is a dry, clear, and warm month which is the best Kilimanjaro Climbing Season. Overall, Late June to October is the best season for Mount Kilimanjaro for the summit.

The Low Season

A wet season or rainy season is known as the low season as there are least hikers and the prices of facilities and accommodations drop. Wet seasons are from April to May and November to December. From November to December, the weather remains wet and cloudy with the short rains. During the night, the temperature drops below the freezing point.

In the heavy rainy season from mid-March to May, the path to the summit becomes very wet which makes it difficult for trekkers. In the rainforest zone, the rainfall is more than 10 inch and the path washes away. With a temperature of 19 degrees Celsius, it is not the best Kilimanjaro Climbing Season.

However, the weather and climate of Mount Kilimanjaro depend upon the five ecological zones. Take proper and right gears with you to resist the adverse climatic conditions especially in the Alpine desert zone.

Preparation is key, mainly if you are on a shorter time frame or harder route. So timing is the topmost medium to consider before Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro For Beginners.

We hope we cleared the question about Best Time To Climb Kilimanjaro for a successful summit at Uhuru peak. Choose Kilimanjaro Climbing Season as per your suitability for the summit.

Jerry Tanzania Tours offers excellent services, comfortable accommodations, and proper guidance through its experienced and professional Climb Kilimanjaro Guide and other staff. To know more, visit us @ jerrytanzaniatours.com

jerry tanzania tours

Jerry Tanzania Tours is one of the no 1 reputable operators on Mount Kilimanjaro, leading over 1000 climbs and guiding 2,000 people every year. We do what we state and are focused on our customers. Because of which we endeavour to push our limits and surpass their desire by giving them the best climbing experience. Won't you join us on the Roof of Africa?

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