12 Nov

How Is It Beneficial To Book Tanzania Safari With A Local Tour Operator?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Tanzania Safari

Booking a Tanzania Safari Tours by yourself is a difficult task. A lot of planning goes into buying the plane tickets, booking hotels/lodges, making your itinerary, transfers, etc. This is where a Local Safari Operator comes to your rescue. A travel agency will only provide you the things which you can do by sitting at home. But a Local Tanzania Safari Operator will make your vacation into a lifetime experience. Here we will know why you should choose a local safari operator for your travel.



Tanzania Safari Cost

Most people do not book a travel operator thinking that it will be expensive. Well, that is not entirely true. If you are thinking to go on a 2-day vacation, then you can do it by yourself without even considering a travel agent. But, if you are planning for a week (or two) long Tanzania Safari Tours, booking a travel operator will actually save you a lot of money.

Camps and lodges in Tanzania offer local travel operators commission to bring in customers. Booking directly in online mode may not get you any discount. But, as travel operators are responsible to bring in almost 80% of their guests, they are entitled to discounts, discounts which you won’t find on any website. So, you actually save money on your Tanzania Safari Cost by booking a local operator.

Saves Your Time

Booking Tanzania Safari Holidays takes lots of planning. It may be fun for some, who like to browse the internet and plan all their actions. But if you are a first-timer, it will take lots of research, comparison, time, and patience. Even if you manage to do all of it, you would still have a doubt that whether you got the best package or not.

Booking a local travel operator will take care of all of it. Starting from your flight tickets, booking hotels or lodges, arranging airport transfers, appointing local transportations from one camp to another, accommodations, park fees, etc. Your local tour operator will take care of everything and plan everything smoothly, saving you hours of time.


Having a local safari operator with you on your Tanzania Safari will give you a measure of protection. All the national parks in Tanzania are extremely safe, but no one can see the future. Natural disasters, political instability, and weather hazards can happen anytime. And if you have a local operator with you, he/she will ensure your safety. The operator will make the necessary arrangements and redirect you to keep you safe. They know what to do during any kind of emergency, and if you are traveling with family, you will feel a lot safer knowing you have a local expert with you.

The Inside Knowledge

Tanzania Safari Tours

How well do you know your hometown? Like the back of your hand? It’s the same thing with local the Tanzania Safari Guide. A local operator, born and brought up in that area knows more than any travel agency would.

They know which hotels/lodges offer the best service within your budget. Which restaurant provides authentic Tanzania Cuisine. They have the geographic knowledge of best and safe routes. Above all, the best way you could enjoy your vacation.

Caters to Your Need

Let’s say you are a vegan or lactose intolerant, or you are allergic to something. You are looking for something specific while you are on your safari, a specific animal, or place. You will definitely have unique demands and needs. A local travel operator will accommodate all these things in your itinerary. Some local operators have in-depth knowledge and experience. They can personalize your itinerary to meet all your demands and needs, no matter how unique they are.


You may plan your holiday the way you like. Study your itinerary; know all the routes and expenses. But what if you do not want to do a particular activity after you reach your destination? It will be very hard to change your pre-booked activities. But, a local operator can make that happen for you. Your local operator can cancel and book activities the way you like through local connections and communication.

Personal Experience

Almost all local operators deal with their clients directly. Unlike travel agencies where a single person is allotted a large group of people, selling packages which he/she has never personally experienced. A local operator will carry out all your wishes and actually take you on the safari. They will provide all the necessary Tanzania Travel Advice that you will need. You will get a personal experience starting from your journey, till you reach your home.

The Key Is In The Details

A good Tanzania Safari Tour is all about the details. Flight tickets, hotel bookings, safari itinerary, transfers, medical issues, food & drinks, and many more. There’s no doubt that you are capable enough to handle all the details, but what if something goes wrong.

Many concerns will arise during your safari like, what to take on safari, what to wear, will there be a network, your visa requirements, tipping issues, etc. Your local Tanzania Safari Operator will take care of the details and even handle if something goes sideways.

Support the Local Economy

Whenever you helping and giving back is in your nature, then consider booking a local safari operator for your Tanzania Safari. By booking a Local Tanzania Travel Guide, you will be helping the local people. Tourism generates lots of job opportunities. The local travel operators employ locals and the revenue generated will be directly invested in the local communities.

Above all the benefits mentioned, it makes more sense to actually book Tanzania Safari with a local safari operator than relying on a travel agency. Starting from Day 1, till you leave for home, the local operators will try their best to provide you with the best vacation possible, such as:

  • Value for your money
  • One- one interaction
  • Best services
  • Authentic experience
  • Safe and comfortable trip

Finally, we at Jerry Tanzania Tours are tied with the local community and local operators to give our clients the dream vacation they have always dreamt of.

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