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How Kilimanjaro Climb Cost Is Affected By Your International Flight Costs?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

While Kilimanjaro Climb Cost is mostly affected by international Flight costs, most reputed tour operators such as Jerry Tanzania Tours does not include it in your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro itinerary for two reasons: Kilimanjaro Flight Cost is dynamic & Guests arrive from all over the world.

The dynamic pricing is not in our control. But for Kilimanjaro Climbing, we can give you a Kilimanjaro Climb Cost for international flights that are average of variously estimated rate and that is exactly what we will be discussing in today’s topic.

So when arriving from various countries listed below, what does your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost for flights? Let’s find out!

Travellers from Various Countries Arriving At Tanzanian Airport Number of Climbers every Year Costs of Flights for an individual
United States Arusha 11065 $1050 – $1310
United Kingdom Arusha 5065 $850 – $1610
Germany Arusha 3569 $860 – $1830
Australia Arusha 2374 $1800 – $2000
Canada Arusha 1844 $1500 – $2000
France Arusha 1666 $760 – $2000
China Dar es Salaam 1295 $3000 – $4400
Netherlands Dar es Salaam 1166 $800 – $1000
Denmark Arusha 1157 $600 – $1360
Norway Arusha 1038 $760 – $1200

Travelling from the USA to Kilimanjaro

Apart from other costs like travel Visa the major part of Climb Kilimanjaro Cost for USA citizens is the international flight cost. Choices of Airlines from the USA to Kilimanjaro are Austrian Airlines, Aer Lingus, United Airlines and more.

  • The average cost is $1050 – $1310, and the outbound flights are mostly connecting flights from Washington (IAD) to Frankfurt (FRA) to Addis Ababa (ADD) and finally reaching Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) after at least 40 hours or less.
  • Also, the return flights to Washington may stop at Addis Ababa (ADD) as most return flights are connecting with similar stops.

Travelling from the UK to Kilimanjaro

You can book flights for Kilimanjaro from London or Manchester.

  • The Airlines operating are Precision Air, Air France and KLM.
  • While outbound flights may stop at (CDG) Paris Charles de Gaulle and (AMS) Amsterdam, the return flights may stop at (DAR) Dar es Salaam and (AMS) Amsterdam.
  • The average cost of these flights range from $850 – $1610 and the journey duration is 15 hours or so.

Travelling from Germany to Kilimanjaro

Flights from Germany can be taken from Frankfurt from which airlines like Precision Air, Air France and KLM function.

  • There could be one to two stops for connecting flights such as (CDG) Paris Charles de Gaulle, (AMS) Amsterdam while departing and (NBO) Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta (CDG) Paris Charles de Gaulle while arriving in Germany.
  • The cost of these flights ranges from $860 – $1830 and takes around 24 hours or so.

Travelling from Australia to Kilimanjaro

Flights from Australia to Kilimanjaro can be taken from Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

  • There could be one to two stops from Sydney to Doha, Doha to Kilimanjaro or stopping at Melbourne before stopping at Doha and so on.
  • The cost of the flight is $1800 – $2000 and takes around 43 hours or so.
  • Airlines may include Qatar Airways, Jetstar, etc.

Travelling from Canada to Kilimanjaro

You can book flights from Toronto which have at least 2-3 stops at Washington, Addis Ababa or Dublin.

  • The various airlines operating in the country include Lufthansa, SWISS and others.
  • The cost of these flights is $1500 – $2000 and may take around 43 hours.

Travelling from France to Kilimanjaro

You can book flights from Paris to Kilimanjaro which have mainly two stops for connecting flights at Addis Ababa and Dar es Salaam.

  • The cost of the flights is $760 – $2000 and takes 19 hours approximately.
  • The airlines operating are Ethiopian Airlines, Air France, etc.

Travelling from China to Dar es Salaam

You can book flights for China to Dar es Salaam from Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai.

  • The cost of these flights ranges from $3000- $4500.
  • They could have three stops for connecting flights such as (PVG) Shanghai Pu Dong (KUL) Kuala Lumpur International and (DOH) Hamad International while departing from China and (DXB) Dubai, (ICN) Seoul Incheon International, and (ULN) Ulaanbaatar while arriving in China.
  • The airlines operating for this route are Star Alliance, Sky Team, etc.

Travelling from the Netherlands to Dar es Salaam

You can book flights from Amsterdam that may cost $800 – $1000 or more.

  • The airlines operating here are British Airways ($877), Emirates ($768), Ethiopian Airlines ($1,560), and Qatar Airways ($944).
  • There could be two stops at Dubai and Zanzibar for connecting flights.

Travelling from Denmark to Kilimanjaro

You can book flights from Copenhagen that cost around $600 – $1360.

  • The airlines functioning here are British Airways ($1,321), Emirates ($793), Ethiopian Airlines ($1,392), Lufthansa ($5,924) and Qatar Airways ($583).
  • The connecting flights may stop at (NBO) Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta and (CDG) Paris Charles de Gaulle.

Travelling from Norway to Kilimanjaro

You can book flights from Oslo, with connecting flights at (DOH) Hamad International (DAR) Dar Es Salaam to reach Kilimanjaro from Norway.

  • The price range may vary from $760 – $1200.
  • The airline operating here is Air France.

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