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The 7 Days Machame Route approaches through forest and moorland from the south-west. It joins the Shira route before crossing under the southern ice fields of Kibo. The rainforest is remarkably beautiful and there is a solid sense of ‘wilderness’ once the higher elevations are reached. The sights of Kilimanjaro Routes detached on the clouds are simply treasured. You will make the final ascent to the summit by the huge Barafu route. The 7-day journey offers maximum probable Kilimanjaro Hike, and also gives sufficient time to enjoy the wonderful scenery.


Day 1 – Machame route – Machame Gate (1490m) – Machame Camp (2980m)

Hiking time: 7 hours (18 kilometers, Montanez forest)

  • Have your breakfast at the hotel, you will be picked up from Arusha (1400m) and driven to Machame Village. In the village, you will take mineral water and packed lunch. According to road conditions, you will either remain driving 3 kilometers or walk to the Machame Gate (1490m).
  • At the gate, the gatekeepers will pack the properties for trek while.  You and your guide register with the Tanzania National Park.
  • You will then begin your climb into the rainforest. During the hike, you would expect rain, mud, and fog. Also, be on the lookout for wildlife, with Colobus monkeys!
  • At halfway up the track, you will have your lunch break. You will range at Machame Camp (2980) in the late afternoon or early evening.
  •  The chef, who moves quickly up to Kilimanjaro, will reach camp before you. They will set up your tents, boil water for drinking, and make snacks for your arrival.
  • After getting fresh, a hot dinner will be served. The whole night, mountain temperatures may drop to chilly so be organized!
Day 2 – Machame route – Machame Camp (2980m) – Shira Camp (3840m)

Hiking time: 6 hours (Approximately 9 kilometers, Moorland)

  • After morning breakfast, start your climb and exit the rain forest. Enter the heathland moorland flora. You will cross many watercourses and cross over a rocky ridge onto the Shira plateau. That leads to Shira Camp (3840m).
  •  You will have a spectacular sight of the Western Breach at this campsite. It’s glaciers in the East. Alike to the first night, your tents will be set up earlier to arriving at camp. The caretakers will prepare drinking and washing water for you.
  • You will take evening snacks then dinner. Be ready for a cold night as temperatures drop below freezing at this wide-open camp.
Day 3 – Machame route – Shira (at 3840m) – Lava Tower (at 4630m) – Barranco camp (at 3950m)

Hiking time: 7 hours (Approximately 15 kilometers, Semi-desert)

  • Again after breakfast, you will enter the semi-desert and rocky landscape. You will become head-on with the Lava Tower (4630m) after walking for 5hours towards the east.
  • Packed lunches will be served at the Tower and hikers have the option of ascending the massive Lava Tower weather permitting. At this point, it is normal for hikers to face effects from the altitude with headaches and shortness of breathing.
  • After lunch, you will go downhill from Lava Tower (4630m) to the Barranco Campsite (3950m). The 6800m origin gives hikers a huge gain to permit their bodies to adjust at high altitudes. The descent to camp takes nearly 2 hours to reach. It is situated within the valley beneath the Breach and Great Barranco Wall (“Breakfast Wall”).
  • Drinking and washing water and dinner will be served as hikers’ outlook to the sun set.
Day 4 – Machame route 7 days – Barranco Camp (3950m) – Karanga Camp (3950m)

Hiking time: 4-5 hours (Approximately 5 kilometers, Alpine desert)

  • Finish the breakfast, it is now time to overcome the Great Barranco Wall! While it may look indicating at first glance, climbers state that this Class 2 climb.
  • It is generally much easier than they expected. At the top of the Wall, you will receive a view of Heim Glacier and will be above the clouds. The trail then breezes up in the Karanga Valley. This is a perfect mountaineering day for acclimatization.
Day 5 – Machame route – Karanga Camp (3959m) – Barafu Hut (4600m)

Hiking time: 2-3 hours (Approximately 4 kilometers, Alpine desert)

Following breakfast, you will leave Karanga Camp (3959m).

  • The trail crosses with the Mweka Route, which is the track used to go downhill on the final two days.
  • As you carry on climbing for an hour, you will reach Barafu Hut. This is the last water stop for the trekkers because there is no available water at Barafu Camp (4550m).
  • The word “barafu” in Swahili means “ice”. This camp is located on a rocky, bare ridge. Tents will be visible to wind and rocks so it is essential for hikers to familiarize themselves with them.
  • Early dinner will be served so that hikers have rest before going to the summit on the same night.
  • Your guide will brief you in detail on how to organize for summit night. Get to sleep by 19:00!
Day 6 – Machame route– Summit Attempt, Barafu camp (4600m) – Uhuru Peak (5895m) – Mweka (3100m)

Hiking time: 8 hrs to reach Uhuru, 7-8 hrs to descend to Mweka (7-kilometer ascent, 23-kilometer descent, Stone scree, and ice-capped summit)

Your guide will awaken you by 23:30 for tea and biscuits.

  • The route heads northwest and you will climb over stone scree. During the Kilimanjaro Climb, hikers feel, it is the most mentally, physically challenging part of the climb. In near 6 hours, you will reach Stella Point (5685m), located on the crater rim.
  • After adoring the magnificent sunrise, you will remain climbing. It’s about 2 hours on a snow-covered track to Uhuru Peak (5895m).
  • Reaching the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro is a lifetime achievement by 7 Days Machame Route Itinerary! You will be able to expend a short time on the summit taking pictures and drinking tea. The decline to Barafu Camp in about 3 hours.
  • At camp, you will rest and have a hot lunch. After eating, you will remain to descend down to Mweka Hut (3100m). Mweka Camp (3100m) is situated in the higher rain forest, so fog and rain would be expected. You will have dinner, wash, and rest soundly at camp.
Day 7 – Machame route 7 days – Mweka camp (3100m) – Mweka Gate (1980m)

Hiking time: 3 hours (Approximately 15 kilometers, Forest)

  • After morning breakfast, you will have a grand celebration by dancing and singing with the staff. It is here on the mountain that you will present your tips to the guide, assistant guides, chef(s), and porters.
  • After rejoicing, you will back to Mweka Gate. The National Park requires all trekkers to sign their names to receive certificates of completion.
  • Climbers who reached Stella Point (5685m) receive green certificates and hikers who reached Uhuru Peak (5895m) receive gold certificates.
  • After receiving certificates, hikers will go downhill into the Mweka village for 1 hour. Have a hot lunch then you will come back to Arusha for long tardy showers and more celebrations.

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