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Capture The Kilimanjaro Experience & Get New Real-Time Tracking on Kilimanjaro

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Experiences that make you excited to share all about your journey, up and downs, good and bad all around Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for the 1st time. Obviously, Kilimanjaro Climb is one of the evergreen experiences for those who have achieved it. 

Are you a Beginner as a mountaineer and curious about your upcoming Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing experience? This blog may help you out as it shared almost all kinds of experiences and guides.


  • The group of 7 mountains that are the highest to scale them is a delusion of every Mountain climber on the earth. Kilimanjaro Mountain is the easiest in this catalog. It’s supplementary by Hiking Mountain and there are no segments, on most routes, that you just have to go up using a particular equipment.
  • The problem that trekkers usually face is acclimatization to the height, which is regularly taking care of by climbing as slowly as probable. 
  • Mt. Kilimanjaro is the free-standing mountain of the world. This means that Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain that stands alone in the world. The land that makes up Kilimanjaro is nearly 97 kilometers long and width 76 kilometers!! To climb such a wonderful mountain results in a life event that always going to memorable for you.


You have to cross entirely 5 dissimilar environments in a few days of Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing! Since Mount Kilimanjaro has a vast landmass, both the sea winds and the altitude affect the ecological conditions found in Kilimanjaro.

It has five distinct ecological zones

  • “Bushland” as the lowermost zone,
  • “Rainforest” zone, which has the maximum variety of plant and wildlife species amongst its ecological zones.
  • The “Heath” section is mostly covered by mosses and heathers.
  • “Alpine Desert” zone starts at around 5,000 meters and as its name suggests, it is a dry place that accepts very little rain and surplus temperatures.
  • ”Arctic” zone the highest peck and featured as Glaciers, temperature extremes and the absence of plant and animal life that is a feature of the Arctic region.


  • It is a challenge that people may decide to do well against. Everyone desires those “Once-in-a-lifetime” memories.
  • Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is a challenge. It is a prospect to test your courage against idleness, soreness, and ordinary life. Once you go to Kilimanjaro, it will turn you for the better as you will have summited a rough mountain.
  • In later times, it will remind you of your gravel and determination and will encourage you to get victory; Kilimanjaro Climbing gives you the occasion to lend a hand for a worthy cause.
  • Kilimanjaro obliged the major factors of the tourism economy of Tanzania and gives Kilimanjaro concierge a chance at a better life.
  • There is a lot of aid organization that you can hold up by either booking a hike through them. 


The attractive history of Mount Kilimanjaro lies on the edge of Tanzania and Kenya and many people prefer to begin their journey from Kenya, particularly for the Rongai route. 

There is no single description for Kilimanjaro’s naming ……

  • Local tribes worship Kilimanjaro and have a different given name for it – ‘The Mountain of Greatness’ in Swahili,
  • ‘The caravan defeater’ by the Chagga community or ‘White Mountain’ by the Masai tribe community.

Kilimanjaro is entrenched in the mass awareness of the local tribes and reflects in their stories, traditions, rituals, and culture.


One volcanic hill, Shira, is now vanished and worn, when the other two, Mawenzi and Kibo, ‘melted’ together after ensuing explosions. After volcanic eruptions, Mount Kilimanjaro’s three summits were formed millions of years ago. Kibo is now the highest altitude with its popular Uhuru peak at almost 6000m above sea level. The last main eruption is frequently hooked nearly 360,000 years ago.


Climbers got various concerns while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and try their best to allay any fears. But what about their families and friends? How do they know about you and your way forward?

It can be fairly scary when a loved one is Climbing Kilimanjaro and you have no idea how they are getting on. There’s no mobile phone signal on most of the mountain either, particularly when the weather gets bad.

With this in mind, we are now using real-time trackers with their groups while climbing Africa’s highest mountain, so that those back home can follow their progress along with their chosen route life and get the idea about their people.

If you’re looking for your families & friends on top of Kilimanjaro, you can find their real-time report by checking the corresponding route and dates.

So set yourself the goal of Kilimanjaro Climb this year, call us to book now, and have your loved ones right beside you all the way with this advanced new technology.

Are you dreaming of Kilimanjaro Trek?  This article may help you out with your Mountain trekking goal. So, how you’re planning for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? Need help? Answer to any questions would be a pleasure for us so contact now on Jerry Tanzania Tours.

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