Can You Get Phone Signal On Kilimanjaro?

Can You Get Phone Signal On Kilimanjaro

Mobile Phones have become a part of us in this new generation. When we get detached from our phones, we feel uncomfortable and incomplete. Many first-timers wonder while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Is There a Phone Signal On Kilimanjaro, or Is There Mobile Network Coverage On Mount Kilimanjaro, or Is There Cell Phone Service on Mount Kilimanjaro? The short answer is “Yes”. You may get a phone signal all the way through the summit. Over the years, the mobile network coverage on Kilimanjaro has improved greatly.

Nearly everyone who treks nowadays brings Electronic Gadgets On Kilimanjaro, especially smartphones. To click pictures, make videos, contact family members & friends, etc. The challenges that are normally faced are, whether the signal is strong enough to connect, and how to charge the phone.


Phone Signal On Kilimanjaro

In the past few years, the mobile signal on Mount Kilimanjaro has greatly increased. But, the service is neither consistent nor reliable. During your Kilimanjaro Climb, you will get fair coverage of the network at most of the areas to make phone calls or send a text message. But, there are many spots where the connection gets entirely interrupted.

There is absolutely no Wi-Fi connection on Mount Kilimanjaro. Although there is a signal on the mountain, you cannot expect it to be that strong to have an internet connection for Instagram or Facebook. Due to the irregular and unexpected climate of rain, fog, snow, and clouds on Mount Kilimanjaro, the signal can drastically drop at any moment.


Benefits Of Bringing A Cell Phone To Mount Kilimanjaro

A smartphone is a device of many. It is the most sought out device for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro For Beginners. It can click pictures, record videos, showtime, connect you with social media, plays music, etc. During a Kilimanjaro Hike, you encounter many scenic routes, which will urge you to take photos and videos. A cell phone is a compact and lightweight device that does all these works.

If you do not like to wear a watch, you can use your phone to see the time. You can track your sleep schedule and meal timings. If you want some entertainment, you can always listen to music (best if you bring earpieces) or play games. Also, cell phones have flashlights, which can come in very handy.


Problems Of Bringing A Cell Phone To Mount Kilimanjaro

It is not so easy to bring a cell phone while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and expect it to perform well throughout your journey. There are a few problems that come when you bring your phone during your Kilimanjaro Climb.

Battery Life

Even if you use your phone efficiently, your battery will drain out very quickly in the extreme conditions of Mount Kilimanjaro. There are no electrical checkpoints on the mountain where you can plugin and charge your phone. Although, there are various ways on how to keep the charge of your cell phone.

How to Keep Your Cell Phone Charged

  • You will be told by or you may notice your tour guide and porters using cell phones at certain points on the mountain. They know where there will be a signal and where not. You can always put your cell phone in Airplane mode and use it on those points only.
  • You can always bring a solar charger with you, which uses the sun’s rays to charge your phone during your Kilimanjaro Hike.
  • Additionally, you can bring extra charged batteries for your phones. Make sure the batteries are packed well and warm.
  • Also, there are power banks, which can charge your phone 3 – 4 times fully (depending upon the power).


The roaming cost of mobile networks is ridiculously high when you travel abroad. You have to pay a big amount if you use your usual sim card for phone calls or internet usage.

Whenever you wish to use your phone throughout your journey, we suggest you use a local sim card which is easily available in the shops at Moshi and Arusha.


Do You Really Need To Bring Your Cell Phone To Mount Kilimanjaro

In reality, you live on social media, then it will be hard for you not to post photos and videos frequently. Letting your friends and followers know what you are up to instantly, is a style many people have accepted.

But do you really need your cell phone on this life-changing adventure? Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a once in a lifetime experience. You come here to escape your everyday life and have a soulful connection with yourself. However, you will find yourself mostly climbing and re-fuelling. While at night, you will see yourself star gazing and having conversations with your fellow climber about life and experiences. Also, if you wish to detach yourself completely from your day to day life for a few days on the mountain, it’s better to keep your cell phone back in the hotel room.

In Conclusion, we suggest you bring your cell phone with you. You can use it for multiple purposes such as clicking photos & videos, flash lighting your way through the night, check the time, listen to music, and many more. Even if you want to detach from it, you can always turn it off and experience the beauty that is Mount Kilimanjaro. Contact Jerry Tanzania Tours to know about Kilimanjaro Gear List and the best Gadgets to use during Kilimanjaro Climbing.

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