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Are You Planning A Perfect Tanzania Family Safari With Kids - Here Is The Topmost Guide!

By Jerry Tanzania Tours


Tanzania Family Safari is a trip of a lifetime – one that each of you will remember and share stories with forever. After all what could be more exciting than seeing your kids encounter the most ferocious animals in the wild and not in a zoo? Having said that, planning a perfect Tanzania family Safari with Kids is not child’s play. It takes some careful considerations and lots of planning.

Don’t worry, Jerry Tanzania Tours understands this. That’s why here is our topmost guide to help you plan the perfect Tanzania Family safari.

Why Take The Kids on Tanzania Safari Tours?

Nothing can prepare you or your children for the first glimpse of a lion galloping after its prey, or a huge flock of flamingos flying over you in sync. Tanzania is such a gratifying country for a family holiday. Here are some top reasons why?

  • World-class game viewing in some of the most beautiful surroundings
  • Great opportunity to get up-close and personal with animals on walking safaris.
  • Chance for you your children to take part in bike and tuk-tuk rides, village visits, waterfall walks,
  • Enjoy the luxury of attractive child-friendly lodges and tented camps
  • Your children might learn to track rhino or follow elephant spoor
  • The children will learn great insights, swap stories around the campfire at night, under the stars
  • Tanzania bush to the beach will be perfect for post-safari R&R for the entire family.

Things to Consider While Planning Tanzania Family Safari with Kids

You need to take into account the following things in order for you to create the perfect Tanzania Family Safari with Kids.

  • How old are the children?
  • What are the Tanzania Safari Activities you want to experience during your Tanzania Family Safari?
  • List of the animals you and your family would want to see?
  • Where and which type of accommodation will be suitable for your Family.
  • Is your family properly inoculated for the Tanzania Safari?

What to Pack For Tanzania Family safari with Kids?

There really is nothing special to pack for the kids unless they have special needs or restrictions or preferences.

  • Light comfortable clothes (lots of extras)
  • comfortable closed shoes
  • sun hat/cap
  • sunscreen
  • light jacket
  • binoculars
  • mosquito repellant or bug spray
  • malaria tablets
  • interesting books or African wildlife guide
  • sunglasses

For more detailed information about what to pack for your Tanzania safari please read Tanzania Packing List.

What To Expect On A Tanzania Family Safari?

  • Tanzania Family Safari will not only introduce your children to the animals in real life but also educate them about their role in managing and conserving nature and its biodiversity. They’ll learn a lot about themselves, survival rules of life, cultural value and, creating friendship and trust.
  • Your family will explore the rich diversity of resident wildlife with great game viewing opportunities. Family Safari Tours will blow your mind with the spectacular natural scenery of the iconic Tanzania National Parks.
  • That’s not all, your family will discover an array of spellbinding lakes with an iconic combination of unique flora and fauna.
  • Go for an early morning stroll in the calm of the morning sun. Get yourself rejuvenated amidst nature.

Best Time For Tanzania Family Safari

Tanzania Safari Tours is a year-round activity. You can come at any given time of the year and still enjoy the Tanzania Safari. But the ideal time depends mainly on the choice of your Tanzania Safari Activities.

Overall the dry seasons from June to October are the best time for Tanzania family safari. During the warm season, the grass is short, visibility is good, and the weather is usually dry. And it is the perfect time to see the great wildebeest migration as well.

Is a Tanzania family safari safe for children?

Seeing lion, rhino, or hippo up-close sounds exciting at first, but as a parent, you can’t stop yourself from wondering whether it is really safe to be quite so close to such wild animals.

We assure you, it is. All Tanzania Accommodations including tented camps and lodges follow strict safety controls and guidelines. We’ve regular patrols by trained safari staff.

Safety is of utmost importance. The rule says all the guests must keep on the camp paths and cannot walk around unescorted after dark. Everybody must abide by the guidelines. Your Tanzania Safari Guide will explain them to you when you reach the camps.

During game drives, it is imperative that the children don’t get out of the vehicle at any point. If you need to pee then also wait till the driver finds a safe place to pull over.

If you go by the guidelines and follow the instructions of your Tanzania Safari Guide, there’s no reason your Tanzania Family Safari won’t be safe.

Tanzania Safari Tour is voted as the best African Safari Destination. Going on a Tanzania Family Safari is the best gift you could give to your family. Jerry Tanzania Tours plans the Perfect Tanzania Family Safari with Kids. We offer the best in class Tanzania accommodations along with the most attractive Tanzania Family Safari Packages which are specially designed keeping in mind the children and special activities for them. Have a look at our Tanzania Family Safari Reviews to get a deeper understanding of our specially customized Tanzania Travel Packages. Get in touch with Jerry Tanzania Tours for the Best Tanzania Family Safari.

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