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What Is The Perfect Age For Tanzania Family Safari?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

The question of perfect age for Tanzania family safari refers to particularly the perfect age of kids. Are you thinking to have Tanzania Family Safari with your kids but not sure what to look forward to? Don’t worry here you can get all your answer.

The belief of going on safari with family or kids is not so good together is not at all true. It is totally as cool as a tour with friends. The practical information you may want to know while planning to Tanzania Safari.


Well, it totally depends on your tour manager. There are different age limits for different operator in Tanzania Safari. For special self-drive safari there are no age restrictions. But when comes to Tanzania Safari Tours there are many organisation that operate the safari trips have certain age restrictions. Most of the safari have minimum age limit of 6yrs is allow to go for safari game drive and also some trip has the age limit of 2yrs, 3yrs and 8yrs.

 Most private reserves also have boundaries, depending on whether they have lodgings suitable for very young children, whether their camp/ lodge is fenced (to keep the animals out and the children in), and whether they can control the game-viewing.


As with everything, if done with caution the safari with the family will be perfect.

  • Nobody should stick arms out and also don’t shout when the vehicle is nearer to animals if it’s an open vehicle then it’s mandatory.
  • Make sure that all family members go to the bathroom before leaving for a game drive.


Make sure which park you have decided to visit for your family safari, according to Tanzania Travel Guide all you need to know about your need when kid will with you.

Do we need Khaki Coloured outfit

Really not necessary? It’s okay to have a bright-colored T-shirt. Long sleeve t-shirts are most recommended for protection from Mosquitoes and harsh sun rays. 

What kind of shoes to pack

The quality of shoes is totally your choice as the safari will start and end with the vehicle but close shoes are more preferable as the temperature is very low in early morning and the sunset time?

Snack on Safari

There is nothing worse than tiered and hungry, your guide will stop the vehicle at a safe location and have tasty light-weighted snacks, water, and other drinks along with the drive.


Choosing a private game reserve in eastern Africa like Tanzania Safari, Firstly, It’s important to detect whether kids need to take malaria tablets or not. Second, it was a fenced camp so there was no vision of them going for a private “explore” when you weren’t looking. You can have a private game viewing vehicle so as not to annoy our fellow guests and to allow people to return to the lodge whenever we wanted but still it’s important to go with a guide if you are new to that place. Third, there is a swimming pool for them to go in when not out in the reserve. People stay at night, not too long as all children have a limited attention span at that age. 


Tanzania has its fair split of confronts when it comes to itinerant with kids. But, equally, there are plenty of reasons why a Tanzania safari is the eventual family adventure. From a very little age, children can able to get more knowledge about wildlife.

The Guides Will Become Their New Best Friends

It’s not hard to see why guides are swiftly eminent to hero position in the eyes of most children. If your child is of a convinced age, the comprehension that your guide is gripped with animal muck and bugs is nothing short of an epiphany. They are also jugglers.

They’ll Attach With The ‘Real World’ And Find Out Lots About Natural History And Wildlife

In this age of hypnotizing smartphones, inexorable connectivity, and social media pressure, a safari in the Wi-Fi-free wild land of Tanzania not only make available a digital detox for kids (and their parents), but it can also move them back to the real world.

You Can Easily Avoid Malarial Zones

Force-feed your children with Macaroni, drench them with insect nauseating, and persist they wear elongated clothes and you may still find yourself heavy out at every winged insect that passes anywhere near them.

They’ll Never Forget Their First Wild Elephant Or Lion

Instead, their attraction with lion, elephant, giraffe, and zebra are cherished by The Lion King and visits to the local zoo. Take that childhood conjectures and nosiness on Tanzania Safari, however, and you’ll see your loved ones completely mesmerized by their first wild encounter.

There’s Something For All Ages

 At their school age, however, kids will get a huge hum from an African safari — whether it’s seeing Timon and Pumbaa for actual, or fetching a specialist in poo recognition.

Teenagers might raise an eyebrow at the outlook of early morning wake-up calls for the game, but they’ll love the modish camps, the terrific food, and the adventure of spotting wildlife — in particular if they’re encouraged to click it all with a camera.

They’ll Meet And Interact With Other Cultures

The idea of ‘family’ is so deeply entrenched in the culture of the Massai, or any of the other native people of Tanzania that you will often beat up an immediate bond with them anywhere you going to Tanzania Safari,. Kids will be kids, whether it’s a mutual love of trinkets or an unprepared game of football, while camp staff — from guides and cooks to managers and waiters — will treat your little ones like a monarch.

Many Camps And Lodges Have Special Activities For Kids

Guides might use laser pointers to pioneer children to the star-spattered night skies, or show them how to make a plaster cast of an animal print. From soaring kites over the Namib Desert to making natural string from plant fibers, there’s rarely a dull moment on safari.

It Might Make Them Budding Conservationists

One of the most satisfying facets of taking kids on Tanzania Family Safari is how it arouses their inborn compassion towards wildlife. To watch an usher of elephants browsing calmly on vast, yellowish-brown plains lower than a soaring Tanzania sky can be a sobering practice to share with your children.

Accommodation Is Amazing – And Family-Friendly

Two main alternatives when it comes to family safaris — lodge-based or camping. Children frequently need to be 12 years old for holiday camp safaris, while many of the more elite properties also have similar minimum age limits in Tanzania Safari Tours. That’s not to say you won’t get any family-friendly trip lodgings if your kids are younger. Far from it, many camps and lodges supply expressly for families with interrelating rooms and child-minding military.

You Can Mingle A Tanzania Safari With A Lot Of Other Excited Things

Safari destination also combined well with venture hotspots, for example, is easily merge with Victoria Falls where you can bungee jump, and raft some of the world’s wildest water. Serengeti National Park in Tanzania goes well, hot air balloon safari, beach time, and many more.


What To Pack For Kids On Tanzania Safari?

You should pack water bottles, binoculars for each kid, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, hat remarkably.

Is There Any Special For Kids Vaccine Before Off To Safari?

The most important thing before going to Tanzania Safari is a proper medical check-up whether you are a kid or an adult. Because there are certain medication or vaccine is necessary according to the body and the area where you visit. Some countries required a yellow fever vaccine.

It’s being very important to get proper information while taking to your child Tanzania Safari Tours. Tanzania Family Safari is much enjoyable than the responsibility. Many more to do in Tanzania, for that must follow the Tanzania Safari Guide, Tanzania Travel Advice, and Tanzania Travel Guide. And don’t forget to contact @JerryTanzaniaTours (https://jerrytanzaniatours.com/)

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