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Why Serengeti Safari Is Still The Best To Take Your Breath Away?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Why Serengeti Safari still takes your breath away? It’s because of Serengeti National Park’s magnificent endless grassland, hundreds of wildlife, big five, Massai village, spectacular migration, the palace of color burst during dawns and dusks two times in a day.

Serengeti National Park is one of the iconic and dramatic safari parks in Tanzania. Whenever Tanzania Safari Tours comes to mind the scenario of the roar of a lion, runner of grassland, grazing herbivorous give the “once more” sensation to visitors. These visitors experience holds the excitements of newcomers. Tanzania Safari is one of the prominent safaris in the world.


Multiple varieties of wildlife to be found in the Serengeti and undeniably too great a number to talk about, which is an integral part of a Tanzania Safari. The park’s major charisma is the huge migration, fetched of up to 2 million Wildebeest, 200,000 Zebras, and 350,000 Thompson, impala, and grant’s gazelles – many gazes at as it to be the most exaggerated residual African wildlife manifestation.


Central Serengeti National Park is identified as cat essential. And it did not let down. People got to enjoy little detection away from the crowd that Central Serengeti attracts. According to the guide be calm and head in the other direction.

Oh, this stunning natural world. Serengeti is habitat to the huge courtesy of lions, cheetahs, and leopards. ‘Food’ aka the passage was coming in.

In the dale, about 20+ lion family get pleasure from a recent wildebeest eradicated. Some cubs were very young. What a fabulous finding!

The marauder presentation here is incomparable with around 3,000-4,000 lions and enormous numbers of leopards, cheetah, and hyenas.


Elephants in Serengeti National Park can easily be differentiated by large ears, trunks, tusks. They also had known for the habitation on grassland, plant, flowers, shrubs, etc. Elephants have a great contribution to the land of Tanzania by their dungs which increase the fertility of the soil in a way to disappear the tree seeds.


Let you know a fact a male impala has a harem of female impalas.  Yes!!! One male can have up to 20 females at his back and call. Then there are the bachelor herds who are all the time prepared to bounce into action should a casement open.  As per Makubi, it is alike to the Maasai and Kuro tribe members who live on the borders of Serengeti!


In reality, Tanzania Safari Tours the park featured almost 500 hundred bird species. Some of these are highly defined for Serengeti National Park.

Grey-breasted Spurfowl

This bird species is one of the admired birds in innermost Serengeti; they are also locally ordinary and endemic to Tanzania

Rufous-tailed Weaver

The bird species are built-in in the Weaver family but every so often included in the Old World sparrow family.

Fischer’s Lovebird

The Fischer’s lovebird genus is common in the Serengeti during the dry season. The birds are little parrot species of the Agapornis type and they are brightly colored yellow and green.

Kori Bustard

A member of the bustard family originated in the Serengeti ecosystem, Kori Bustard is the major and weightiest flying bird in Africa. You will find them in open plains probing for seeds, insects, and vegetation to eat

Secretary Bird

This bird species is widespread in Africa but you will find them mostly in the open grasslands of the Serengeti. They are always in couples – male and female seen all through the park hunting snakes for foodstuff.


Serengeti National Park brags an assortment of the network that is unavailable wherever else on the sphere. Then again it describes divergent landscapes that widen out to the prospect, unruffled of savannah, hilly woodlands, and open grasslands scattered with lone trees and rocky projection called kopjes. Although you enjoy sunbeams almost all the way through the year. It enjoys reasonable and enjoyable weather with a usually warm and dry climate. Despite the rainy weather, visitors are waged with verdant plant life which depicts Garden of Eden scenery in Tanzania Safari Holidays.


However, At the twilight, the campfire or lounge locale is where you go to unwind with your drink and get to know other visitors. This is when the conversation starts. Although you will get involved in things like where are you from, why Tanzania, where are you going next, etc.


In contrast, What makes hang about in Serengeti wild is how special it is to guests. In spite of its giant size, the accommodation options in Serengeti are scarce, hence promoting snobbery and keep up its wild vibe. You can opt to reside in the lodge, tented camps which assurance is terrific Serengeti adventures.

Wildlife and nature will be just an arm’s reach away and what’s even more amazing is that in spite of being away from city life, you still get the comfort of things like internet connection, electricity, and mismatched bath! This will depend on your accommodation, of course, but what leftovers is the fact that you get to expend a night-time in one of the world’s wildest, most iconic safari parks in Serengeti!


Although occurrence the astounding beauty of the Serengeti National Park on a unique Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safari. At sunrise, sunset as the sun welcomes the day and float in whichever direction the airstream of the first light takes you. Your pilot can exactly control the elevation of the balloon in Tanzania Safari: sometimes airborne at treetop height, at times lower, gift an exclusive viewpoint and great pictorial occasion of the wildlife below. on the other hand, you will most likely rise to 1000′ or more to see the huge splendor and extravagant landscape of the Serengeti. 


Being situated in the tropics stuck between 1 and 3 degrees south of the equator, the weather is usually hot with no conventional time of year such as that clued-up in the temperate zones but in this area, the word “season” normally refers to the precipitation.

There are twelve-monthly patterns of rainfall that approximately always occur but in some years the timing may be somewhat dissimilar and in some years the rains have totally failed but this is a rare incidence. The usual pattern of measures is that the so-called “short rains” fall from October to November life form replace by the “main rains” which continue until May with April having the most pouring heavy shower.

Karibu [welcome] Serengeti!

Serengeti Safari never fails to take your breath away.  An adventure awaits all day, any time, all year-round.

In Conclusion, the excitement always remains the same for Tanzania Safari. whereas There are Tanzania Travel Advice and Tanzania Travel Guide to make you informative. Waiting for what!!!? Hurry up to contact Jerry Tanzania Tours now to explore Serengeti in the Green Season!

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