Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro: 3 Types Of Jackets That You Need To Have

What’s the best jacket to pack for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro?

This is a question that runs around our heads all the time when we’re packing for our dream Kilimanjaro climb. Well, at last, we just decide to bring any type of jacket we think will give us the most warmth. Because you’ll of course need several jackets to feel comfortable and safe on your Kilimanjaro Hike.

That’s because, when you Climb Mount Kilimanjaro up to the summit,  you’ll be hiking through five different climate zones.  And each climate zone comes with its own unique weather conditions but it’s mostly cold at night.

And since the primary purpose of a jacket is to provide warmth, it’s important to have the best jackets with you.

Well, let’s start by going over the 3 types of jackets you need to have with while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Fleece Jackets

Fleece jackets are also called soft jackets. Fleece jackets are needed for everyday use on the trail for mildly cool temperatures. They should be the first things to put in your Kilimanjaro Packing List.

Fleece jackets are mainly used and considered as mid-layers. It’s a garment that provides insulation and is worn between a base layer and an outer layer.

The purpose of a fleece jacket is to provide warmth, weather protection, and ventilation. It allows you to stay warm while being active, without overheating.

Fleece jackets are also called soft jackets because they are made of soft, stretchy materials. 

Waterproof Jacket

A waterproof jacket is also known as a rain jacket or a hard shell. And right as the name states a waterproof jacket functions by keeping the water away from reaching your body. 

Waterproof jackets are a must in your Kilimanjaro Climb Packing List.

On the Kilimanjaro Trails, the weather changes quickly. It can rain, hail, or snow at any time without any previous warning. So, only a water-resistant jacket is not enough. A 100% waterproof jacket is essential.

Getting wet on the Kilimanjaro Trails can cause big problems. It makes the Kilimanjaro Hike very uncomfortable. But it can also be very dangerous due to the risk of hypothermia. That’s why you should carry your waterproof jacket at all times in your day pack.

Make sure your waterproof jacket is breathable.  This is a key feature in modern waterproof jackets. Because without it, it would trap so much heat that it would cause you to sweat. And make you feel wet and uncomfortable, regardless.

A rain jacket also serves as a windbreaker. So you could use it on the  Kilimanjaro Trails if you encounter strong breezes and cooler weather.

Insulated Jacket 

Down jackets, synthetic down jackets, and puffy/puffer jackets are all different types of insulated jackets. Insulated jackets are designed to hold your body heat in by trapping air against your body. They are an essential part of your Kilimanjaro Packing List.

Insulated jackets are made out of a substance that has a high warmth-to-weight ratio.

On a Kilimanjaro Hike, there’s no need to wear an insulating jacket during the day as it is not cold enough. However, you might want to wear it at night, when the evenings are chilly. You can wear them either when you’re just hanging around camp or even possibly while you sleep.

But you will definitely need your insulating jacket on the summit night, either while hiking or just during rest breaks.

These jackets are the absolute basics that you require to make your Kilimanjaro hike a little bit easier. They’ll protect you against the different weathers and are easy to add on and shed off when the temperature fluctuates.

The better equipped you are, the higher the chance of success. Book a Kilimanjaro hike up to the top now with Jerry Tanzania Tours. Happy Hiking!

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