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By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Want to experience Tanzania Safari during an early morning game drive? When Tanzania Safari will start? What is the Wake-up time?  Your guide will generally ask you if you are up for a 6:00 – 6:30 am. start. The activities for Tanzania Safari Tours will start in the early morning. So the morning call is very important to wake up at the scheduled time.

Awake earlier to the crack of dawn. Don’t be surprised if you have a 5:00 a.m. wake-up call! For a light mainland breakfast before direction out on your first Tanzania Game Drive of the day.


‘habari za asubuhi – good morning’ said your lodge staff with great excitement but they also bring you coffee/tea and cookies. Ah, the little things in life.

  • The staffs usually ask for a 5:00 am or depending on what time the sun rises, staff will wake you up in time for the morning game drive by the wake-up call. The purpose is that besides them coming outside the accommodation.
  • Typically with a knock on the door and a tray of very welcome tea, coffee, and cookies. They usually confirm the time and your order the night before at supper. Waking you up joyfully, it is a preference to sit outside your lodge and enjoy your hot coffee/tea.
  • It will be unruffled, so dress in layers. It comforts to layout your wears the night before so you don’t waste time getting dressed in the morning.
  • And listening to the early morning birds chirping. Sometimes you may locate more Wild species come up with the sun and joining the wake-up call. The hyenas, roaring lion, or the wildebeest mumbling.


  • You will get ready with your guide who will wait for you in the lounge area. The vehicle will also wit outside your lodge according to your preference for Tanzania Safaris. Whether it’s opened vehicle or closed.
  • As you are hitting along the wilderness, you see the sun slinking up is the Best Safaris In Tanzania. And it is about to light up the amazing land. Those golden glorious seconds stimulate your senses.
  • You will clearly see the wildebeests, the hidden elephant, the birds, the flowers, all ready to be apprehended in your depth of eyes. For photographers both professional and unprofessional, that sun flashes the amazing scenario.
  • These are the flashes that will become your lifetime memory. A beautiful experience. And it’s just the foundation of your day. You must stop and enjoy more coffee/tea with breakfast in calm and in amazement. You will on Tanzania Safari!

The morning wake-up call sounds very easy. But the function of wake call is very value full in terms of your morning coffee and wildlife slightness. Well if you are planning about the Tanzania Safari Tours. Be ready for the wake-up call on the first day of your trip. Possibly the most wondering call of your life. For more Tanzania Safari Guide contact us now @Jerry Tanzania Tours.

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