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How to Stay Safe on Your Tanzania Safari Tours

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

As exciting and thrilling as a Tanzania Safari is, it is also very dangerous. We have often heard stories of violent incidents happening to people while on safaris. In most of these cases, people were not acting safely as they should be. You come in close contact with wild animals in their natural habitat. These animals are not behind bars or trained. They are wild animals with natural and instinctive behavior. As much as your travel guide will take care of your safety, it is you who should take precautions and act safely to survive in the wild.

During Drive Safari

Tanzania Game Drive

Stay Inside Your Car

Never come outside of the vehicle until your Tanzania Safari Guide says it’s safe. You never know where an animal is lurking around. There are specific spots or areas where the guide will tell that it’s okay to step out of the vehicle and explore.

The safari vehicles are designed to keep humans safe and experience wildlife upfront. Keep your arms inside the vehicle and windows closed. Many unfortunate cases have been reported when tourists wander off without a guide to spot wild animals.

Never Stick Anything out of the Vehicle

Instead, most of the Tanzania Safari Vehicles are open-topped. The wild animals are accustomed to the vehicles and humans inside them. But do not wave or stick anything outside of your vehicle. This may annoy and agitate the wild animal. Poaching is not uncommon in Tanzania. So, if you stick out anything that looks like a gun or any kind of weapon, it might trigger the animal in a bad way.

Drive Carefully and Slowly

Whenever you are on a self-drive safari, always drive slowly, as you may never know where an animal is sleeping or just leap in front of you. Especially during the wet season, where the grasses are very tall. Further if an elephant or buffalo comes in front of you, stop your car immediately. Remember not to cause any distractions that might attract any wild animal furiously.

Keep Your Windows Up

During your Tanzania Safari Tours, if you are in a vehicle with windows, it is better to keep them shut. Baboons have caused lots of nuisance for ages. Although if you are driving through a game park, baboons may enter your vehicle and start harassing you. They are very much habituated to vehicles and won’t fear getting inside one.

During Walking Safari

Tanzania Walking Safari

Hence walking safaris are one of the best ways to get closer to a wild animal. But this also means the danger is also high and safety precautions are higher. Here are some basic safety tips you must obey to stay safe:

Do not wander off without a guide: Your guide is the most experienced person when it comes to wildlife. Anywhere without a guide is a safety risk. They know which areas are safe and which are not. Always obey them if you want to be safe.

Safari Clothing: In fact, Do not wear black or white colors as they may annoy the animals. Wear khaki, brown, or green color clothes which will help you blend with the surrounding.

Stay Downwind: Always stay downwind while walking in the open so that your scent won’t attract a predator.

Don’t Run: The only thing that runs in Africa is prey. You do not want any predator to chase you. Even elephants and rhinos. They are very large but they charge at a very high speed.

Keep Your Voice Down: While the animals are habituated with the vehicle sounds, they are not so familiar with human voices. Do not yell or talk loudly. This may annoy an animal and make them aggressive.

Walk Away Very Slowly: Meanwhile, if you are on a walking safari and you encounter a wild animal. You may find it amusing and exciting. But, if the animal doesn’t like your presence, you must walk away carefully and very slowly.

General Safety Tips

Tanzania Safari Tips

Avoid swimming in the lakes or rivers: Unless you are absolutely sure that there are no crocodiles or hippos.

Eventually, Science says the most dangerous animal in safari is the mosquito. Yes, you heard it right. These little animals are responsible for more deaths than lions and crocodiles. Mosquitos cause malaria and dengue. Make sure to get a vaccination before your journey. Always keep a mosquito repellent with yourself and use it regularly.

Always wear boots and socks: While walking, your safari areas may contain many venomous snakes and scorpions which are very hard to spot. They are very good at hiding. In case you step on one of those creatures, your feet and legs must be protected.

Don’t explore during the night: Don’t wander off where there are wild animals during the night. Even in the cities, hyenas roam around freely in the dark. You would want to stay away from them.

Hence Tanzania Safari Tours are beautiful yet dangerous. Close encounters with wild animals in their natural habitat is a thrilling experience. While almost all safaris end smoothly, safety is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Finally, with the useful Tanzania Safari Tips mentioned above, we at Jerry Tanzania Tours have safety as our topmost priority. Book with us for a guaranteed safety trip at the Safaris Tanzania.

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