26 Oct

How The Good Safari Guide Policy Is Important On Your Tanzania Safari Tours?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Tanzania Safari

A good safari experience is truly dependent on the Safari Guides associated with you if the destination is like Tanzania Safari. Tanzania Safari Guide will add to your experience in a big way. You can easily be obsessed in between Tanzanian parks with them because they are very familiar with the Tanzanian forest.

Through this blog, we will be showing you the importance of safari guides to make a wonderful safari trip.


  • Your safari guide during your Tanzania safari Tours is responsible for all your safety and comfort during your tour.
  • All our Tanzania Safari Guides are also professional wilderness guides, who will share their knowledge and experience of the Tanzania Safari and its flora and fauna.
  • Generally, guides are the local residents of Africa, who start their career by some guiding activities like canoe trips, walking safaris, night safaris, etc.
  • During these guiding activities, they get proper training and knowledge about every detail of African nature. 
  • Among all only a few are then selected and trained as Tanzania safari guides.
  • We deliver a well-experienced group of Tanzania Safari guides like a supportive family, passionate for serving our guests.


The safari guide is definitely the most important part of your Tanzania Safari Tours. They will set a comfortable Tanzania Travel Guide for you. If you get a good guide then you will have an incredible Safari life, regardless of the wildlife and the weather. Here’s why the Safari guides are so important.

You, Will, Find Facts Through Safari Guides

If you consider Tanzania Safari Advice, a good safari guide will enrich you with a lot of information, especially if it is your first safari experience. You will get to know so much about the dense African forest and the encyclopedic knowledge of the guides will be able to answer all your questions, from the obvious to the obscure.

Beyond the facts and history, good guides are great storytellers. They bring their treasure of information to life using many real-life examples which will help the guests to collect knowledge.

Safari Guides Are Great Hosts

A good guide must have the same skills as a great host that they will be able to understand their guests and adapt accordingly.

Let us consider an example, if a guest arrives being exhausted after a long tiring journey, a guide will know how to treat them at that time. They must not engulf them on their first drive on the same tiring day, facilitating the guests into the bush life instead.

If guests become a little nervous, a good Tanzania Safari Guide will make them feel comfortable and safe.

If a guest has been on many safaris before, it is only up to a good guide, who can keep it exciting for them.

The most important thing in an unknown land is communication. The best guides make sure that they know what guests want during their trip. Whether they want to see their first lions or they are more fascinated by the smaller creatures, or a keen bird watcher.

Friendly Conversation

It is one of the roles of a good guide to keep the conversation flowing whether during sundowners or at night. Because till it is clear people are happy gazing off into the bush and enjoying the wilderness but at night guests get off the beat.

Knowing which topics to pursue is an art that an experienced guide knows, based on the guest’s personalities, cultures, ages, nationalities, etc.

For example, If politics come up and this makes some guests uncomfortable, it is up to the guide to skillfully pilot the conversation in a different approach.

A Safari Guide Keeps You Safe

Having a good guide is important to safeguard the guests and make them feel safe. That’s why one of the most focusing Tanzania Travel Advice is to be surrounded by a good experienced Tanzania Safari Guide.

A good guide will definitely keep the guests safe by knowing how to understand animal signals. This is mainly important when you surprisingly encounter an aggressive animal, such as a buffalo or Rhino.

As well as theoretical knowledge, the experience is also very important in these situations to handle the wilderness.

They also know how to drive safely reducing the probability of getting stuck. When it is trapped, at least they must know how to fix the problem quickly and not panic the guests.

A Good Safari Guide Fulfill Your Expectation

  • When you fail to find any of the wild animals or when it pours with rain, a great safari guide will really make all the difference by truncating your Tanzania Travel Guide.
  • They may shift the track and focus on the small things like what is there inside the world of termites, chameleons, birds, dung beetles, etc.
  • A good guide can keep the bush attractive even if the famous faces miss their cue. Guides should know to tell the guests what they should see or what can be spotted.

Going on a Tanzania Safari is obviously not only about witnessing the wilderness or the bush but also living a world among them and knowing the facts about them. The importance of your safari guide to your experience amidst the Tanzanian safari cannot be compromised at all. We, at Jerry Tanzania Tours, deliver hand-picked experienced Tanzania Safari Guides to make your Tanzania trip a magnificent experience. Do travel with us and avail of excellent hospitality.

If you are having any query, then write us in the comment section below and get your queries solved by our experts.

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