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Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide - Extensive Ways To Know About Kilimanjaro Tipping And Donations

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

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Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide

It is standard to tip your Kilimanjaro Crew after completion of your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The choice on Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide ought not to be resolved based upon whether you arrived at the highest point, however by how well the guides, cooks, and porters served you while you were Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Here you will need to consider tipping Kilimanjaro Crew and the main thing is to follow the guidelines of Kilimanjaro Tipping.

7-days trip – $175 to $220. 8-days trip $200 to $250. 9-days trip $225 to $290.

Kilimanjaro Tipping Guidelines

Kilimanjaro Tipping Guidelines

Every group has a lead guide and generally has one assistant guide per three climbers. You will have one cook for every 10 climbers. The tour operator also offers one waiter per group and one toilet porter per group.

The number of Kilimanjaro Porters in your group depends on the Kilimanjaro Routes you have selected and the number of days. However, there are two porters per person in lesser itinerary routes and three porters per person on all other routes as per Climb Kilimanjaro Guide. The number of porters is larger for small groups. Make an effort to know your porters and their roles if possible. They will appreciate the recognition.

Below Is The Table To Follow The Kilimanjaro Tipping Guidelines:

Tipped PersonTipping Amount
Senior guide$20 – 25 per day from the whole group
Assistant guide$15 – 20 per day from the whole group
Cook$12 – 15 per day from the whole group
Waiter$10 – 12 per day from the whole group
Porter$8 – 10 per day from the whole group
Summit porter$12 – 15 per day from the whole group
Toilet crew$10 – 12 per day from the whole group

How Much to Tip on Mount Kilimanjaro:

How Much To Tip On Mount Kilimanjaro

As per the guidelines you can pay above $5.00 for any Mountain crew if you are satisfied with the service provided by them and if you are happier with the service, then you can pay them more or gift them something which they need because Kilimanjaro without any Mountain crew is not possible to summit for most of the climbers.

If you are tipping a group, then you can tip above $150.00 for a group. The exact tipping amount depends upon the size of a group.

We recommend not paying any tips until you and all your gear have descended from the mountain. Here are the details of How Much To Tip Guides On Kilimanjaro with porters and other staff.

Tipped Person Tipping Amount
Kilimanjaro Porters$5-7/ day
Kilimanjaro Guides$20/ day
Assistant Kilimanjaro Guides$12/ day
Kilimanjaro Cooks$12/ day

Get Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide Before Attempting Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Get Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide Before Attempting Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Tips for the Mountain crew are regular practice and tipping on Kilimanjaro is vast as you will need whole team to climb with you, like guides, porters, cooks, and other crew members. In Our Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide, We Recommend You To Tip Moderately But Definitely To The Hard-Working Kilimanjaro Staff Who Strive 24/7 Hours To Make Your Climb Successful  CONTINUE READING

Tipping Procedure On Kilimanjaro:

The tipping procedure in Kilimanjaro is of many types and you can choose your preference tip the mountain crew. Here are the various procedures of tipping and you can pay according to Kilimanjaro Tipping Recommendations:

  • Communal Tipping Box: This will be located in the main area or the place where visitors gather more. Some of the have separate boxes for Porters, guides, cooks, and other mountain staff. This box will be generally shared by the manager to all the mountain staff.
  • Handing Money to the Manager at the end of the trip: If you do not find any communal box, you can hand over the money to the manager before you leave.
  • Handing tips to the individual staff: This is one option available where you can approach individually and tip them. You can tip according to you as per the service provided by them and help you with while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.
KPAP has published recommendations on the amount that it is customary to tip Kilimanjaro porters. For groups of three or more for a seven-day climb, tips work out to between $200 and $250 in total per climber. Longer climbs would be a bit more, and shorter climbs perhaps a bit less, at your discretion.

Kilimanjaro Tipping Ceremony

Kilimanjaro Tipping Ceremony

Kilimanjaro Tipping Ceremony will be held on the last night on the mountain, after the summit day.  Here are the tipping procedures:

The group will receive two envelopes. One envelope is for tips for the guides and cooks. The other envelope is for tips for all porters.

Each envelope will have a form attached detailing the number of staff in each role. The clients should then fill in the amount of tip money to give each person. Note that the actual money is not placed into the envelopes at this time. The envelopes only contain the tip distribution sheets.

The guide will assemble the entire staff. It is customary for the spokesperson to say a word of thanks to the staff. The guide will translate. Then the spokesperson shall hand one envelope to the lead guide and the other envelope to porters’ representative.

Once back at the hotel, one representative from your party should collect the tip money from the group and give the total tip money to the lead guide. Tips can be made in US dollars or Tanzanian Shillings. It is very important that US bills be new, crisp, and untorn. Do not tip with marked, wrinkled, torn, or old (older than 2002) US bills; they are not accepted in the country. It is very helpful to bring an assortment of dollar denominations for tipping.

Each crew member signs a tip distribution report which we review after every climb to make sure everyone received their fair share of the tip money. KPAP provides oversight of the entire process to enforce fair and proper payment.

Tipping can open up doors, figuratively and literally. It’s a way of reciprocating a great tour, meal, or unexpected act of kindness. And it can incentivize Kilimanjaro Guides, Porters, Cooks to go out of their way to provide an experience above and beyond what the typical tourist is treated to.

Why You Should Tip On Kilimanjaro?

Why You Should Tip On Kilimanjaro

You should always tip to the Mountain crew because of the following few reasons:

  • Long Working Hours – You are on a vacation but the mountain crews are not on vacations, they are working for long hours to support you and make your climb successful.
  • The Extra Mile –The cooks, porters, and guides go the extra mile to make your climb easy and successful.
  • The Time Away From Home – Only with the help of mountain crew you can spend your time away from home happily.

So, it is necessary to tip them and be an inspiration for them to serve still more climbers.

Hope you are ready to tip the Kilimanjaro Crew by following Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide now and be a responsible traveller to make changes in the people who strive to make your adventure successful.

We at Jerry Tanzania Tours have a dedicated team of Mountain men and we take care of the mountain crew responsibly and pay them according to the KPAP norms and we are proud of ourselves being a responsible Kilimanjaro Tour Operator.

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