Climb Kilimanjaro Cost – Top 10 Reasons To Start Saving For Your Dream Adventure

For the people stuck between ‘I need to save money’ and ‘you only live once’, saving for Climb Kilimanjaro Cost and expenses, that offers an experience of a lifetime, is a tough choice to make. You know you should travel because it makes you feel alive and that’s exactly why Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is so important for you.

But damn the bills and the busy life that never lets you pause or make a good amount of saving. But we today at Jerry Tanzania Tours will clear the air of why you have must start saving your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost today itself. So take a break and read this article, which will give will kick-start your savings.

 Here are 10 Reasons why you need to start saving for your dream adventure:

Discover 5 Climatic Zones And Unique Flora And Fauna

You’ll travel through five dramatic—and drastically different—climatic zones. You will discover a riot of African blood lilies in the jungle, giant begonias, tuba shaped impatiens, red hot pokers, and other fantastical flowers.

For those of you in love with macro photography, we suggest grabbing your macro lens because you will get some exclusive shots in the jungle of small insects.

You Will Be Accommodated By The World’s Best Porters

For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you need the assistance of dedicated porters who are part of the local demographic or guys and girls in their twenties who help you climb your luggage safely up the mountain. Their weekly income is $11. Each climber is assigned with 2-3 porters for their convenience.

We suggest you tip these porters sufficiently as this is their only source of income. Some of these porters are cooks as well who cook delicious hot meals for you on the mountain. These youngsters are extremely joyful and encouraging and help you cheer up in times when you wish to give up.

Watch The Clean Sky And Get Closer To The Stars

If you are coming from big cities of the west, you would feel like a hermit on Mount Kilimanjaro. Free of pollution and atmospheric haze, Kilimanjaro’s night sky is unlike any other you would have ever seen. If you can manage, we suggest you pack a tripod and cable release to capture no-blur photos, create a time-lapse of the starlit summit or the stars at night at the camps.

Taste The Freshness Of Kilimanjaro Fruits

There is a beautiful plantation blanket on Kilimanjaro’s lower slopes, so you may come across bananas and melon grace which you can try for most breakfast menus. Or you can try mbege, a traditional beer made by the local Chagga tribe from fermented bananas. There is so much to explore on Kilimanjaro.

The Lava On Mount Kilimanjaro That Still Survives

Upon reaching the tree line, the volcanic past of Kilimanjaro becomes omnipresent. Watching the fields of giant mushrooms and gnarled stalagmites would give you an otherworldly feel.

Meet An Amazing Group Of Travellers Makes New Friends

What many travelers find immense joy in is meeting international trekkers who share the same dream and were pulled towards the same peak of Kilimanjaro. There may be people of all age groups and almost all walks of life who will feel like family even in just a small period as you would be supporting each other and encouraging one another throughout the trek.

Feel At Home 6000 Meters Above Sea Level

With the beautiful group of family-like fellow climbers, porters, and friendly guides, you wouldn’t for a moment feel out of place on Kilimanjaro. The mountain has its way of connecting with all and on such high peaks, you may find your true calling. Expect great food, services, knowledge, and discovers cultures on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Watch The Sunsets Resembling An Apocalypse

When Tanzania’s intense equatorial sun coaxes moisture out of the dripping jungles Kilimanjaro’s base, produces a boiling mass of clouds that obscures everything below treelike. You’ll find the effect hypnotic and the scene may resemble an apocalypse altogether.

Learn Something New & Save Climb Kilimanjaro Cost

When you are meeting new people from different walks of life you are sure to learn something new every day. That is exactly what our climbers experience when they interact with our guides and porters. They learn some Swahili from guides, they master the ‘Kilimanjaro Song’ from our porters, and they acquire the free spirits of the Tanzanian People and so much more.

The Last Chance To Visit The Disappearing Glaciers

Did you know that over the past century, more than 80 percent of Kili’s Rebmann Glacier has melted? One of nature’s great anomalies, the Equatorial ice is projected to disappear within 10 to 15 years, depriving trekkers of artistic wonder and glaciologists of ice-core samples of Mount Kilimanjaro.  So before climate change deprives you of Mount Kilimanjaro’s beauty, we suggest you start saving right away for your Climb Kilimanjaro Cost.


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