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What Type Of Mask Should You Use To Climb Kilimanjaro Post-Pandemic?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours


Hey, all travel-buffs! If you are thinking of Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro in this pandemic era, then your Kilimanjaro Packing List must add some extra things. According to WHO wearing masks has been a mandatory activity for all, to keep yourself free from COVID-19 you must wear masks.  We will be discussing the different types of masks and their uses.


Traveling after the pandemic will add some extra things to your Kilimanjaro Packing List along with the Kilimanjaro Training. As we all know the Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness is the most common obstacle that everyone faces in Kilimanjaro. People always prefer to use Altitude masks, which are the masks that create a virtual high altitude environment. This training is also called as the restricted air training.  



 Neck Gaiter

This is otherwise known as a buff. It is a tube of fabrics that you wear around the neck covering the face. This mask is generally made up of lightweight, breathable synthetic material. It has been a part of your Kilimanjaro Packing List before the pandemic situation, to protect you against dust. It is the most common and easy to handle mask, but it is less effective. The fabric is loosely woven, which has very low resistance against the virus.

Bandana Scarf

It is a very common face-covering equipment that you can carry in your Kilimanjaro Daypacks for your Kilimanjaro climb. These are the square piece of cloth which can be worn around the face. Its name is just an indication of the structure of the scarf. It also carries a poor capability to control the COVID virus.

 Cloth Masks

These masks are made up of soft clothes. These are dense, large thread counted and thick. The more the layers added to the cloth masks, the more is the virus resistivity. It is far better than thin masks and no masks.

Surgical Masks

These are the disposable masks that are in rectangular shapes and pleats that covers the nose, mouth, and jawline. An elastic band is there to hold the mask around the ears. These masks have three layers. The first layer is consists of hydrophobic translucent material, the second or middle layer is a melt-blown layer and the last layer is the soft absorbent non-woven layer.  It is estimated that in a surgical mask, about 70% of the outside air moves through the mask, and about 30% travels around the sides. You must carry it in your Kilimanjaro Daypacks.

N95 Masks

It is a medically proven device that helps to avoid the virus attack more than a surgical mask or cloth masks. This mask can control 95% of particles in the air. It is also used by the medical staff while treating COVID-19 patients. Your Best Daypack For Kilimanjaro must have this to combat COVID-19.



If you use face masks without proper way then it will not help you. Now wearing face masks has become mandatory. Choose the mask through which you can talk properly and breathe. You should not touch or pull it out because it will risk you for contamination. Mask is the weapon that will protect you without increasing your Kilimanjaro Daypack Size.

Here we present some steps you should follow while wearing the mask.

  • Make sure your mask is covering your nose and mouth
  • Secure it behind your head.
  • Do not touch the mask while wearing it. If you touched it then sanitize your hands.
  • Remove the mask untying it from the head without touching the front of the mask.
  • Sanitize your hands after removing masks.
“Precaution is always better than Cure.”

We, at Jerry Tanzania Tours, recommend using a mask in this post-pandemic era. Choose your pair which seems the most comfortable to you and add it to your Kilimanjaro Packing List. You should carry multiple pairs of this with you in your Kilimanjaro Daypacks which you should use while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

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