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Which Medicines Should You Carry In Your Kilimanjaro Daypacks?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Kilimanjaro Medicine

Research says that while hiking Kilimanjaro, you must take care of the Kilimanjaro Health & Medications. Almost 75% of travelers suffer from altitude sickness after reaching a height of 10000 feet. So it is necessary to carry some instant working medicines in your Kilimanjaro Daypack, to fight against this sickness while Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro.


Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness

The main cause of the altitude sickness is going to a certain height. It is very difficult to predict who will suffer from this. You should very careful about Kilimanjaro Health & Medications. It is advised that you should always be prepared with some instant effective medicines in your Best daypack for Kilimanjaro. Let’s discuss these medicines.


This medicine is used as a painkiller.

  • At high altitude, travelers often suffer from severe headaches, which is the most common symptom of Altitude Sickness.  
  • This is caused by inflammatory factors that lead to leaky blood vessels and fluid buildup in the brain, causing pressure in the skull.


It is otherwise known as acetazolamide.

  • Diamox acidifies our blood causing metabolic acidosis which causes respiratory stimulation increasing ventilation.
  • It gives you faster breathing by which the oxygen level will remain constant in your body.


if you are suffering from severe altitude sickness, it will lead to High Altitude Cerebral Edema.

  • Dexamethasone is a steroid hormone that works as an anti-inflammatory agent for the brain. It only fights with the symptoms.
  • It is advised that someone who is taking this medicine should not ascend further. This medicine is good about relieving the symptoms but you should maintain the altitude or descend to the foot.


The main component of Viagra is sildenafil.

  • On the high altitude, the blood vessels contract leading to heart choke.
  • It also increases pulmonary artery pressures, which can also cause blood vessels in the lungs to leak fluid – a potentially fatal condition known as high-altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE).
  • Viagra acts as a vasodilator and relaxes blood vessels. It reduces pulmonary pressure. It also helps in oxygen supply to muscles improving body endurance.


it is similar to Viagra.

  • It also lowers the artery pulmonary pressure. It opens the pulmonary artery reducing the chest congestion.
  • It causes faster breathing.

These are some essential medicines you must carry with you during the Kilimanjaro Hike to fight against Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness. These are not at all a problem to carry also as they do not affect your Kilimanjaro Daypack Size.

**Are you confused about the things you should carry in your Kilimanjaro Daypack? Because we are often asked What Should I Pack For My Kilimanjaro Daypack? Or What To Carry In Your Daypack On Kilimanjaro? So, we Jerry Tanzania Tours, recommend carrying a rain jacket & pants, sun hat, gloves, fleece insulating air, sunglasses, knee support, water, some emergency medicines.

Jerry Tanzania Tours

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