What Happens if Someone Can’t Continue During Kilimanjaro Group Tours?

What Happens if Someone Can’t Continue During Kilimanjaro Group Tours

It is a very normal thing to ask during Kilimanjaro Group Tours, “whether to continue your journey or not if someone from the group cannot continue to climb?” The answer to this question is yes, you can continue your climb. During your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the Group Tours are limited to 12-15 people per group. Standing at 5,892 meters (19,331 ft.), it is very common for people not to reach the Summit.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is once in a lifetime opportunity for many, and you do not want to go to waste for someone who can’t continue further. The price paid for this trekking is individual, and you do not want your money to get wasted.

What Happens To The Person Who Can’t Continue?

Kilimanjaro Group Tours

Generally, with Kilimanjaro Group Tours, a lead guide is present along with many assistant guides, depending upon the strength of the group. Usually, the ratio is one guide for 2 climbers. There can be various reasons why a person can’t reach the summit, such as Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness, Blisters/Injuries, Severe Cold, Lack of Will power, etc. In such cases, the Kilimanjaro Rescue Team helps the sick person get back to the hotel or descending back.

 If anyone is unable to continue his/her climbing, one of the assistant guides will escort that person back and the rest of the group carries on with trekking as scheduled. If the person couldn’t continue due to any sickness such as Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness

Kilimanjaro Private Tours with Luxury Facilities

Kilimanjaro Private Tours

Many travelers who like their own company more than others, tend to travel solo. But, the question is whether to travel alone or in groups? There many advantages and disadvantages while trekking alone/in private:


  • You can plan your trek according to your wish and comfort.
  • You can make your own schedule and can change it the way you like, without taking anyone’s opinion. If you are an experienced climber, you must know how important it is to give yourself sufficient time for Kilimanjaro Acclimatization.
  • You can include/exclude items in your itinerary according to your personal requirement.
  • You can choose your own route and pace of your trekking.


  • Traveling solo is expensive than traveling in groups.
  • You have to pay for a single person supplement.
  • You may get lonely during your journey.
  • You will miss the social bonding while traveling in private.

Criteria to Watch Out for in a Kilimanjaro Private Climb

Kilimanjaro Private Tours

Private tours are for those who want to have a personal experience. Mainly a group of family, couples, and also many solo travelers are often seen to book a private tour.  If money is not an issue for you, consider the following criteria before booking a Kilimanjaro Private Tour:

No. of people:

Whereas the no. of people on private tours depends entirely upon you. If you want to travel alone you can pay for the one-person supplement and trek. Or if you are traveling with a group of people, then the no. of people will depend on the strength of your group.

Tour Guides and Operators:

You give more money for a private tour than that of group tours. Hence the service provided to you on a private tour is exclusive. Experienced guides are assigned for you and you get all the quality facilities.

Trekking Experience:

During private tours, the experience you gain is limited to yourself or the group you are traveling with. There is no involvement of other peoples. You can set your own pace, schedule your own climb, and change your itinerary as you wish.

Traveling in Groups

In addition, The other option for a solo traveler is to join a group. Kilimanjaro Group Tours comes in different varieties and packages. Although you will join other climbers who have booked the same tour. The experience you get by traveling in a group is something different and also most preferred. The advantages and disadvantages of traveling in a group are mentioned below:


  • The cost is very less in comparison to traveling private, as it is divided.
  • You get to meet new people, maybe from different countries and cultures, and have good bonding.
  • You will get moral support from other climbers, which is much needed if you are a beginner.
  • You may feel safer and get a good laugh throughout the journey.


  • You will have to adjust your trip according to the Kilimanjaro Group Tours.
  • You cannot change the schedule according to your convenience.
  • You have to set your walking pace according to other group members to stay on track.
  • If you find it difficult to bond with others, you may feel awkward and uncomfortable throughout your journey.

Criteria to Watch Out for in a Kilimanjaro Group Tour

Kilimanjaro Group Tours

The prices of Kilimanjaro Group Tours vary from one another according to the Route you take, the quality of your tour, and the services that come with a particular package. The following are the criteria that should be adhered to before booking your Kilimanjaro Group Tours:


Therefore choose the best route for you to reach the summit. Different routes provide different duration and scenery. We advise you to take longer routes such as Machame or Lemosho. Longer routes provide more time for Kilimanjaro Acclimatization.

Quality of Package:

Although choose the proper package according to your budget. Make sure your package includes all the basic necessities.

Group Size:

Moreover, try to book your climb with shorter groups of 10-12 people. Groups of this size will make your lead guide to take proper precautionary measures and make sure everyone is safe during the journey.

Climbing Partners:

Do not hesitate to make new connections as your fellow group members also share somewhat the same mind-set. The diversity you get in group climbs is wonderful. You can share experiences, gain knowledge about different cultures, and share a laugh or two.

In Conclusion, There is a popular saying, “The show must go on”. Even if one member of the group is unable to continue climbing, it doesn’t affect the journey. The person discontinuing will be escorted back safely and the rest of the group continues as per schedule. Have fun on Jerry Tanzania Tours open group Kilimanjaro climb.

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