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What Are The Things They Don’t Tell You About Kilimanjaro Hike?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Kilimanjaro Hike

Get ready to experience the Kilimanjaro Hike of your life with Jerry Tanzania Tours. With the best team and the most experienced guides accompanying you to the greatest Kilimanjaro Height you will overcome all the major challenges of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro including Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness and more!

But we know all these and these topics have been discussed in numerous articles flooded on the web. What are the things they don’t tell you about climbing Kilimanjaro?

The Kilimanjaro Climb is Dreamy – Literally

Kilimanjaro Hike

During your Mount Kilimanjaro Hike, you will have great trouble sleeping. These are due to many reasons mentioned below:

  • Uncomfortable sleeping bags, foam pad, the tent which is away from your comfort zone.
  • Oxygen level is thinner and this makes breathing more labored while Hiking Kilimanjaro

Due to these reasons, sleeping is greatly reduced while Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. Also, there are reductions in deep stages of sleep, rapid eye movements, etc. You will have vivid dreams on the mountain. One cause for this is that you are more likely to wake up during REM sleep, and therefore more likely to recall our dream. This is also a possibility due to decreased oxygen levels causing your dreams to be more strange and nonsensical.

Your Body May Experience Some Embarrassing Moments

Kilimanjaro Hike

During your Kilimanjaro Hike, you will experience numerous negative effects of functioning in an oxygen-deprived environment.  These are the well-known symptoms of Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness. One of the most embarrassing symptoms is you becoming highly gassy. This is known as high-altitude flatus expulsion (HAFE) and is common on Mount Kilimanjaro Height.

HAFE is a common gastrointestinal syndrome experienced on the Mt Kilimanjaro height at 6000 m above the sea. This causes the spontaneous passage of increased quantities of rectal gases at high altitudes.

Turning Slow as a Snail on the Mountain

Kilimanjaro Hike

The most essential and the key piece of advice for any climber is hiking Kilimanjaro slowly. The term used in Swahili for this is called – “Pole, Pole”, meaning “Slowly, slowly”. You will keep hearing this from our Kilimanjaro Crew continuously and this is our Mantra for successful Kilimanjaro Climb.

This helps you avoid Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness which occurs due to climbing too fast on the mountain. To mitigate the risk we advise you to climb Slow.

Our Kilimanjaro Guides trek at a snail’s pace to control the rate of ascent.

As the Kilimanjaro Summit Height at 5895 m is a long walk up the peak, it is essential to trek extremely slow. Even the young, fit males experience altitude sickness if they try to outpace the requisite speed of the climb.

You Rarely Feel Hungry

Kilimanjaro Hike

During the Kilimanjaro Hike, you will be provided with all the food you need by our Kilimanjaro Crew. Another important symptom of Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness is you will lose your appetite. This symptom is caused by a spike in metabolism due to the Kilimanjaro Height.

In addition to this, the activity of climbing increases the breathing rate and energy expenditure. Coupled with this the process of acclimatization dramatically raises your calorie intake. You would wonder, why you feel less hungry then. It is due to the Mount Kilimanjaro height above sea level.It is therefore essential to continue taking complete meals as your body needs proper nutrition on the mountain.

Kilimanjaro Height Makes Everything Difficult

Kilimanjaro Hike

On your Kilimanjaro Hike almost everything gets difficult, this means the higher you go, the harder the hiking gets. Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness is also common due to low oxygen. The ability to plan, focus, and make complex decisions at the Kilimanjaro Elevation becomes difficult.

On the high Mount Kilimanjaro Elevation, climbers experience lower mental state, feel dull and confused. These are the symptoms of Kilimanjaro Altitude. It is therefore advised to be familiar with the gear and equipment to avoid confusion during operation.

Why Choose Jerry Tanzania Tours For The Best Kilimanjaro Hike Of Your Life?

Jerry Tanzania Tours

Our experienced Kilimanjaro Guides, and porters are at your service constantly providing you the best Kilimanjaro hiking services of your life. We strive towards making your Kilimanjaro Climb a grand success. Our expert advice starting from the beginning until the end of the trek will help you get the most important gear and equipment for the climb and know the Best Time To Climb Kilimanjaro as well.

Call us now and speak to our experts at Jerry Tanzania Tours today.

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