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Traveling alone is like you are watching a storyline in your mind. When you will have Tanzania Solo Female Traveller, you will be in control. Your schedule, the meals, the activities, they’re all for you to modify according to your comfort. Solo Safari Tanzania deals with seeing the locals, flora, and fauna, beautiful sunset and sunrise, climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Studies say that many women are choosing to pack their bags and hit their destination alone.

Independent women are preferring travel alone and experience Tanzania Safari Tours. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro particularly the dreams of many people. Knowing about cultural origins, or just relax and regain with a trip to Zanzibar Island.

Top Places To Travel In Tanzania As A Solo Traveller

Many destinations are there to visit in Tanzania Safaris. Solo travelers generally have the perfect budget for their safari. So for solo female travelers also are no such restrictions throughout the safari. The Solo Traveller’s Guide To Tanzania added many destinations to enjoy. All you need to explore without any hesitation.

Serengeti / Ngorongoro

Moving out to Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit is just wow. You can plan for a week with a smaller group tour and experience many incredible landscapes and wildlife. As a package tour, all accommodations and guides will be prearranged well in advance. Safety and security are the first priority for the solo traveler.


The paradise beaches of Africa. The white sand of the Spice Islands proposes female travelers a perfect place to let their hair down. Grab that scruffy novel, and spend some time under the sun. Private accommodation is mostly recommended where everything is taken care of. Maximum no of the population is Islamic.

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire is one of their preferred stops on Tanzania Safari Tours. Why? Think about elephants and baobab trees. In the park, you’ll get some of the highest masses of both. Several Jerry Tanzania Tours packages, like the 7-day Tanzania Classic, include Tarangire.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

It is known as the volcanic majestic mountain. The free-standing roof of Africa. Many trekkers come to hike it. As it gives the life-changing experience. You can have a try to summit Kilimanjaro as a solo traveler.  

Why Tanzania is the One of the Top Country for Solo Females travelers…

Do you want to watch two million wildebeest, the flood of pink flamingos, the Serengeti at sunset, scaling to Mount Kilimanjaro?

If any of this motivates you, more than baguettes or bullfights, then get prepared for Tanzania Solo Female Travel.

  • In Tanzania, you will get millions-year-old volcanoes, world-class beaches, lions and elephants, jungle, and desert. The culture and culinary delights are the most colorful thing you will ever find there.
  • Tanzania overflows with wonder. In just a short time span, experience a large number of mind-blowing things.
  • For the female solo explorers, all experiences will be safe and accessible. Tanzania Safari Guide, all guided, and most of our small group tours. This means you will be paired with others who are the care taker of you which will be provided by the operators’ agency. You will have a guide with you the whole time.

The Crucial Guidelines for Females having Tanzania Tour:

If you are a female and just heading strong toward Tanzania Solo Travel. Then do not need to worry about it. You can have a safe and happy safari tour by yourself. All you need to have followed certain tips during the travel.

Travel Light

Probably it will be the travel tip of all time that the lighter you go, be richer of experience. This is advisable for solo female itinerants. As you’ll be scuffling in and out of airports and safari vehicles, and the less stuff you have to keep throughout the safari.  The more concerned you’ll about your safety and security, you must carry on the adage: “travel light, travel free.”

Think Modest

For Tanzania Safari Tours, modest dress is mostly trailed for females. It’s best to choose clothing that isn’t passionately figure-hugging. This is a decent rule of thumb when roaming in the more conservative parts of Tanzania. At Zanzibar, bikinis and beach attire are more tolerable.

No to Dark, Yes to Direct

Most Easy Travel clients will be quickly whipped off to safari, Kilimanjaro, or private beaches.  There’s always time to shop and visit urban markets, too. It is recommended people return back to accommodations before night, and this is particularly significant for women. Women should be straight and forward if any store owner or merchants approach them on the way. Saying “NO” firmly is wise.

Choose a Reputable Guide

This is perhaps the most significant piece of guidance. Tanzania will bead you into a whole new world, full of natural sights and sounds.  A reliable and experienced guide will be the primary source in terms of safety and security on the safari. Every one of our guides carries a well of experience, and they will certify that you are taken care of.

Get In Touch With Expert Today

With Tanzania Solo Female Travel, it all comes together to choose the right outfitter, one with a perfect operator for safety, customer support, and satisfaction. Forming small group tours and tailored private exploits for thousands of solo travelers. We will provide the best accommodation, beaches, and places to maximize your liberated Tanzania Safari Tours experience.

Contact us @ Jerry Tanzania Tours today and let’s begin creating your Solo Safari Tanzania.

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