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Night Game Safari At Tanzania: Out In The Bush At Night Under The Stars

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Night Game Safari At Tanzania

Tanzania Night Game Drive Safari is one of the interesting and thrilling experiences ever you have to try out during your Tanzania Safari Tours. Well, so many people don’t try it out because they tired up of the whole day’s safari and use to chill out with a campfire and delicious food. Tanzania Safari can be enjoyed also at night, the reason being the most less spotted animals can be able to appear at night for their hunting.   Tanzania Night Game Drive Safari is quite restricted in many National parks. Tarangire and Manyara Lake are specific operatives that can arrange the Night Game Drive within the borderline of the park.  Night game drives are an optional add-on to Tanzania safari. An unbeaten night game drive with numerous good screening of wildlife can be very worthwhile.

Night game drives draw supplementary charges as these must be done through licensed local operatives.

you should not miss a Night Game Drive in Tanzania in order to have full experience regarding animals’ habitat in the bush. Night game drives are not permitted in all national parks, so we use specifically designated parks, areas, and private reserves. Below we discussed all the popular national parks which will suitable for night game drive safari.

Night Game Drive In Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park is full of nocturnal animals and perfect for Tanzania Night Game Drive Safari.

For several ecosystems, Lake Manyara is the ultimate spot for a night game drive. It is said to have 11 different systems; the area is a dissolve pot for magnified flora and fauna – with the lake, the fissure valley crag, groundwater forest, Ngorongoro moorland, and the dehydrated Tarangire system all close by.

Hippos are nocturnal animals (active by night) and it is vastly probable to see a lot of these beasts grazing on the side of the road. Tanzania Safari Tours includes Lake Manyara is well known for a great number of Leopards and even though it is not a common appearance these intangible cats are seeing on a regular basis. In Tanzania Night Game Drive lion detections are more common and where lions are mostly sleeping in day time at night they are almost always active at night time.

Night Game Drive In Tarangire National Park

Night Game Drive In Tarangire National Park

Tanzania Travel Advice for night game drive always indicates towards this dynamic park as it’s legalize by the government for Tanzania Night Game Drive. The Tarangire River is the prime source of freshwater for the wild natural world during the annual dry season. The Tarangire ecology is define by the long-distance relocation of wildebeest and zebras. During the dry season, thousands of animals deliberate in Tarangire National Park from the surrounding wet-season diffusion and calving regions.

You may enjoy the night safari in Serengeti National park through a hot balloon safari. But Tanzania Night Game Drive Safari at Tarangire National Park is the rewarded most.

Explore Wildlife In The Bush At Night

Tanzania Wildlife

For those who wish to come across nocturnal animals such as civet cats, porcupines, genets, mongoose, aardvarks, cape hares, and more. Therefore a night game drive is a fantastic choice.

Pack For Your Night Game Drive Safari

Pack For Your Night Game Drive Safari

As per Tanzania Travel Advice, there are many things to obey during your safari. For night drive there is no requirement for so many gadgets as morning safari. But some essential tools must be carry out such as

  • Raincoat For Unpredictable Rain
  • Spotting Flashlight For Spot Animals
  • Night Vision Goggles To Get Clear Vision Of Animals At Night
  • Camera With A Spare Of Batteries To Capture Unforgettable Memories

Rules And Regulations To Follow During The Night Game Drive Safari

Night game drive is an adventurous activity in Tanzania so that Rules and regulations to follow during the Tanzania Night Game Drive Safari.

Guidelines are develop to ensure the smooth operation of the activity in the parks to enhance visitors’ experience and enjoyment.

  • Well, for night safari Tanzania Safari Guide says it can be last for maximum to maximum last for 2hrs according to your safety and rest.
  • The spotlight to be worn shall be in a range of 200,000 to 800,000 candle power with particular filters to lessen the light intensity.  The highest of two spotlights are allow per vehicle.
  • The movement shall be prearrange by a tour operator with a valid Tanzania Tourism Licensing Board (TTLB) license, clean business record, professional guide, and tracker.
  • An armed ranger must escort visitors throughout the action.
  •  Visitors shall pay a valid fee using the Government electronic payment gateway, online, bank, and mobile or any other accepted means of payment. All mandatory fees need to be pay before booking.
  • Visitors must fill in and sign insurance forms former to conducting the activity


The idea of Tanzania Safari Tours, Tanzania Night Game Drive Safari will the most emerging decision ever for an African safari.

In conclusion, it’s very vital to know complete information before catch the trip/safari. Therefore we provide all the necessary information @ Jerry Tanzania Tours. Tanzania welcomes you.

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