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Kilimanjaro Climbing Challenge: One man, one mountain, one message – You Can Do It!

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Kilimanjaro Climb

No doubt Climbing Kilimanjaro is a challenge. If you’re new to trekking, camping, living outdoor, high altitude however you may find specific challenges especially due to high altitude.

Most of the trekkers are enough to fit Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing, who are really well mannered, well-rested, and well prepared will not fail to successfully summit.

Maybe you will be in good health, but acclimatization to the lower levels of oxygen in the air, hydrate, and full energy.

Over swelling ground, for more than a few days in a row at home, then you should be in good stead to attempt Kilimanjaro Climb.

There are no methodological skills or equipment required to Mount Kilimanjaro, except you’re departing for the Western Breach, which needs using helmets due to loose rocks. For the normal routes you won’t require any special skills or kit, it is just a trek, one foot after another. On the Machame and Lemosho route, it’s not dangerous and the guides are there to ensure that. Otherwise, you should pass up it by choosing the Rongai or Northern Circuit route.



In sequence to make the ascend a bit easier for yourself, you should become easy and be organized and experienced with the whole thing prior to your arrival, which refers to all from your belongings to camping, from living outdoors to trekking, and this can be complete in a number of ways.


  • Knowing your kit is know what its mechanism is and test it in every possible condition before you reach your destination in Tanzania.
  •  Get your waterproofs on and go for a hike on a despondent, windy day. Jackets and trousers, gaiters, etc all have different jerks, zips, adjustments, vents, poppers, toggles, etc.
  • These tweaks would change a despondent wet walk into a cocooned and pleasant one. Best to have this sorted well before you go. The same goes for your day bag – carry only what you minimal need, make sure it’s comfortable and everything is dry.
  • Same for shoes! Make sure they’re not working in, waterproof and comfortable – really put the hours in. Have a look at our packing guide for Kilimanjaro Climb and our hiking boot guide.


  • A lot of citizens have never stayed in a tent before, or possibly not for many years, so it’s well worth it if you can have access to one, to give it a try before you reach your destination.
  • On the peak, our staff will pitch your tent for you and pop your bags inside plus a comfortable mattress. You do need to carry a sleeping bag, or you can rent one from us.
  • It’s mandatory to be organized in a tent and although we use 3 / 4 person tents, we only put 2 people in them, so you have a bounty of room and they’re good quality tents.
  • You can keep your kit in the tent, or outer surface in the porch and probably best to only take out what you need for the night.
  •  Before then primarily, they will feel a bit restraining, however on a cold evening, after a day on foot, it’s a delight to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro into one and enjoys a few pages of a good book.
  • Again, do use your sleeping bag before you enter as they also have
  • Diverse ways to vent and enfold up warm in – get to know it well before you come.


Carry your day kit bag and do as much on foot as possible before you rich. This is effortlessly the best form of preparation and your capability to use, and be comfortable with your kit. If you can’t go out trekking then combine gym, park, and time in the pool – have a look at our Climb Kilimanjaro Guide.

There is nil you can Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing devoid of going to elevation, however, if you have the funds then most cities have altitude centers that can generate the sound effects and will certainly give a hand. The centers aren’t inexpensive, and by no means are they necessary as a precondition to your climb, but some inhabitants do use them.  So, don’t get worry about the trekking as one man and have contact with Jerry Tanzania Tours and take the challenge

If you set up well and follow these Climb Kilimanjaro Guide then Climbing Kilimanjaro will be a challenge, but one that you will be able to happily attempt!

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