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What Are The Five Climate Zones Of Mount Kilimanjaro?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Is it true that the Kilimanjaro Climate Zones are of five different types and climbers experience all of this in just 5-9 days? Well yes, that is true! How beautiful and serene would it be to explore the pleasant Kilimanjaro Weather from an elevation of 6000 mt above the sea? Let’s explore how Kilimanjaro Climbing feels through these diversified climatic conditions.

Kilimanjaro Climate Zones are mainly the: Cultivation, Forest, Heather-Moorland, Alpine Desert, and Summit climate zones. We shall have a complete understanding of all of these climate zones today in this blog:


Kilimanjaro Cultivation Zone

Among the first Kilimanjaro Climate Zones, is the cultivation zone at an elevation of 2,600 ft to almost – 6,000 ft (800m – 1800m).

  • With humid Kilimanjaro Temperature and the greatest rainfall patterns, this zone hosts numerous rivers formed by glacier run-off from the top of Kilimanjaro.
  • Despite the Mount Kilimanjaro Temperature experienced in this zone, the area witnesses the farmland and small Chagga villages which is home to many of the porters and guides you will see on the mountain come from.


Kilimanjaro Forest Or Rainforest Zone

The second and most important among the Kilimanjaro Climate Zones is the rainforest zone at an elevation of 6,000 ft to just over 9,000 ft. (1800m – 2800m).

  • The Mount Kilimanjaro Average Temperature is comparatively lower than the previous zone while the wet Kilimanjaro Climate that is experienced in this zone brings rainfall no matter which time of the year you are climbing Kilimanjaro.
  • The diversified flora and fauna in the region offer a diversified animal and plant habitat.
  • Among the many mammals you will spot here are –  Monkeys (both Blue and Colobus) are prevalent on certain routes and while olive baboons, leopards, black rhinoceros, giraffes, mongooses, elephants, bush babies, and occasional buffaloes.


Kilimanjaro Heather And Moorland Zone

The third and the most erratic of the Kilimanjaro Climate Zones is the heather and moorland zones on Mount Kilimanjaro.

  • At an elevation of around 9,000 ft and tops out around 13,000 ft.  (2800m – 4000m) this zone displays the most unpredictable Mount Kilimanjaro Climate and the adventure of reaching the Kilimanjaro Summit just gets better from this zone onwards.
  • The daytime temperature in this zone can soar above 100° F (40oC) yet drop below freezing (32° for 0° C) at night.
  • A combination of less rain, gusting winds, giant heathers, wild grasses, and rocky trails is the representation of this moorland zone on Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Some of the heather shrubs that you will find here can grow to over 30 ft. high.


The fourth zone you will experience during your  Kilimanjaro Summit Hike is known as the Highland Desert zone at an elevation of around 13,000 ft. continuing up to 16,000 ft. (4000m – 5000m).

  • The strangest of all zones, you would imagine, where did a desert pop up on a Mountain so high in Tanzania?
  • In this desert zone, the annual rainfall is less than 8 inches a year. The plant life that exists at this altitude is one which has put up with the oppressive sun and sub-zero temperatures—all in the same day. 
  • You will witness the violent past of Kilimanjaro through the fields of volcanic rock of all shapes and sizes in this zone.
  • With deep gorges on the slopes and breaches in the crater rim where molten lava blasted through during prehistoric eruptions, this zone is the most eccentric of all Kilimanjaro Climate Zones.


Kilimanjaro Arctic Zone

The fifth yet the best zone in the Arctic zone which gives you the chills on the mountain. At an elevation of around 16,000 ft. and continuing to the top of Uhuru Peak at 19,340 ft. (5000m – 5895m), the Mount Kilimanjaro Summit is the best thing you will ever witness in your life, even though it lasts only for few minutes due to less oxygen on the peak.

  • You will experience the Summit Kilimanjaro Temperature dropping below zero degree temperatures, a zone where human life is impossible to exist.
  • Being the toughest part of the climb, this zone is what climbers dream to reach for years. Following the crater rim, as it rises beside a massive glacier to Uhuru peak, you will slowly approach the sign that signifies the feat you just accomplished.
  • The feeling is unexplainable on the summit and gives you a sense of freedom and accomplishment that you will long cherish.

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