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Some Interesting Facts To Know About The Ancient Community Of Tanzania, The Maasai Tribe

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Tanzania is a country that is sealed with many surprises. From the iconic national parks to the stunning vistas and the breathtaking volcanic peak as well as the tranquil water spots shorelines. The country offers many attractions that drive travelers crazy. However, since the last few years, one important aspect of the country, the Maasai Tribe attracting many travelers globally.

A safari trip to the country is not complete without a cultural trip. A cultural trip to Tanzania Safari is all about exploring the lifestyle, the rich heritage, and the colorful culture of the country and its Maasai Tribes

While talking about the tribal life of Tanzania there are all total 120 ethnic tribal groups, out of which the Maasai Tribe is the most eye-catching one. Settled in Kenya and northern Tanzania Maasai people are semi-nomadic tribal groups still living and following the age-old traditions.

Here are a few Maasai Tribe Facts to know more about Maasai People; 

God Has Given Them All The Cattle

God Has Given Them All The Cattle

Cattle and Maasai people have undeniable bonding since the beginning. These age-old tribal groups not only depend upon cows for the milk but also cows perform a great role in their daily life and rituals.

They do cattle raiding which means they do steal the cattle from their neighbor as they believe it brings prosperity to the family. During many rituals like the birth ceremony cattle are a great part of the rituals they perform. 

They Are Lion Hunter

They Are Lion Hunter

Maasais are well known for their power, strengths, and fearlessness. They are known as the warrior tribe. Living just beside the big furious predators especially the lions they need to learn the techniques of hunting them when it’s needed.

They usually hunt lions in a group that is known as olamayio, where a group of people goes hunting lions with their traditional weapon. Sometimes solo lion hunting is done by the Massai warriors however; solo hunting is prohibited by the elder Massais. The Massai people usually make a mark in their chest after hunting the lion as a symbol of killing the lion. 

However, they are not hunting lions anymore but while needed they will hunt the lions.

After Death Rituals

Originated in North Africa Maasai people migrated to the south and east in the 15th century and they expand to central Tanzania and Northern Kenya during the 17th and 18 centuries. These iconic tribal groups do everything in their unique way.

The death rituals are very minimal as they don’t believe in the afterlife. Maasais just cover the body of the person who has passed away in oxblood and left the body in the bushes to be eaten by the predators. The smell of blood attracts the predators and they used to eat it. If the body still doesn’t get eaten by the predators even in the 2nd night it Maasais believes the body may latch on to the loved one’s surviving family. 

They Are Nomads

They Are Nomads

Usually Some Maasai Tribe Facts, this tribe is Nomadic or semi-nomadic. They don’t prefer to stay in one place for the whole life. They keep moving. Usually, at the old-time, the Maasai tribal people used to shift from one place to another in search of grazing land for their cattle. The tradition is still being followed by the tribal to date. However, few people now prefer to stay in a settled village.

The Wealth is Measured in Terms of Cattle

The Wealth is Measured in Terms of Cattle

Cattle are the traditional partners of the Maasai people of East Africa. One of the most vibrant indigenous societies on the continent, the pastoralist Maasai built an economy and way of life deeply intertwined with their cattle herds. 

Cows are the most important part of their life. They don’t measure the money or other material valuables as wealth rather they count the number of cows. Those who have more cattle are considered wealthy. Even the number of cows of a man plays a key role to get him married.

There Are About One Million Of Them

In fact, There are many Maasai people you can meet in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania along with the Great Rift Valley areas. There are almost one million Massai tribe people are residing in Kenya and Tanzania occupying around 160,000 square kilometers of land.

Following the age-old tradition, the tribal villages are one of the most important parts of Tanzania Safari, as it showcases a rich heritage of rituals and beliefs.

Their Clothing & Ornaments

Their Clothing & Ornaments

Like their unique lifestyle and rituals, their clothing and ornaments are also eye-catching. Each of the colors they wear has some impact on their daily life and beliefs. Usually, they wear traditional robes which are their identity and they call it Shuka. Their dresses are usually red. As they believe lions are afraid of red color.

Ornaments are another integral of Maasai fashion. Maasai men wear ankle bracelets, and sometimes belts and necklaces too. The women of Maasai wear lots of bracelets and big flat bead-decorated collars that come in different patterns and colors. Mostly these pieces of jewelry are made of beads.

They Don’t Eat Meat But drink The Fresh Blood Of the Animals

Maasai tradition of drinking cattle blood

Following age-old traditions on some special occasions, Maasai people used to drink blood. They usually drink blood from cows. They believe fresh blood will recover them from any accident and it will give necessary nutrients to their body.

They used to tie the neck of the cow and, a Maasai man fires an arrow from a close distance making a hole in the neck of the cow and collect the blood in a gourd. They drink the raw blood or sometimes they drink it with milk.

Maasai Jumping Dance Fact:

Maasai Tribe Facts: three maasai men performing adumu

The jumping dance is one of the prime facts of the Maasai tribe also known as Adumu. This dance is specifically done by the male. This is the opportunity where they can show their strength and ability. It’s been believed by the Maasais that the highest the jump one can perform the strongest is that person. Hence it has great significance in their tradition.  

They Have Learned To Live With the Lions and Other Predators

If you are planning for a Tanzania Safari Tours don’t forget to meet these warriors living in Tanzania. One of the oldest tribes of the planet Maasais is also one of the bravest people on the planet. They have learned to live coping with nature and wildlife. In so many years living in a country that is full of furious predators like lions, Maasai people have learned how to live beside them without disturbing each other.  Maasai jump, dance and live without affecting nature.

So if you are planning a Tanzania Safari never forget to visit the Maasai village and explore their age-old tradition. It’s not all about only the national parks but Tanzania Destinations are also about exploring various aspects of the magical country including its history, food, and culture.

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