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Secretary Bird vs. Snake: The Amazing Foot Technique of “Snake-Killing Kung Fu Bird”

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

When it comes to the species, those who kill snakes, then the different animals or birds come into our minds like the vulture, falcon, etc. The secretary bird is also one of the snake-killing predators. This bird has a Latin name known as “Saggitarius Serpentarius”, which means “catcher of serpent or snake”.Are you going to see them in action on Tanzania Safari Tours?

The people of Africa keep this bird as a pet to protect their agricultural land and farm from pests, snakes, and rodents. The Secretary Bird is also known as the hunter bird. However, the “secretary” name comes after comparing the feathered crest on the back of the head. With the old secretaries of government wearing the wig with a stock of quill pens behind their ears.

The foods like reptiles, lizards, and snakes are the favorite of the secretary bird. The secretary bird keeps track of the movement of the prey in their territory of 40-50 square kilometers. The bird goes more than 30 km in search of the snake. So, we are here to give you some fascinating facts and amazing foot techniques used by the secretary bird.


In the fight of Secretary Bird vs Snake, the bird uses different techniques to kill the venomous snakes as it was popular in Africa for its snake hunting techniques. With voracious nature, this bird is tall and uses wings while chasing the snake.

In the case of the small snakes, the Secretary Bird catches the prey and kills it entirely. Sometimes the bird picked up the prey and throws it to the ground to make the prey unconscious.

In the case of the big venomous snake, the Kung Fu bird uses a foot technique like a Kung Fu warrior to kill the snake. The “Kung Fu” techniques are used by warriors to win in the “Martial Arts”, where a fighter has to fight only with a stick and foot. This bird uses an only foot to attack the poisonous snake. So the secretary bird foot technique is famous. While attacking the snake, the bird spread its wings and uses a 1.4-meter tail to balance the body weight. During the fight, the bird often defends itself from the venom by spreading the wing.

With the two phases, the Secretary Bird kills the large poisonous snake. In the first phase, the bird attacks to break the back or neck of the snake by jumping on it. When the snake is countered, the bird gets a chance to attack the open ground. The long thick leg of the bird helps it to strike again if the first strike has missed. Large wingspans protect the bird from the venom of the snake where a 1.4-meter tail used to balance the body weight as per the direction. This bird is capable of delivering fast, forceful, and accurate foot strikes on the snake.

 In the next phase, the bird strikes the prey with its long leg with a thick sole.  According to some researches, if the force has applied by the bird, then one kick is similar to 5 times Of the body weight. The snake killed after 3 or 4 strikes. Sometimes the snake has stunned by just 1 strike.

Here comes the most interesting fact about the Secretary Bird Foot Technique. The force delivered by the one-foot strike of the secretary bird is 195 Newton, and the contact time between the snake and feet of the Kung Fu bird is just 15 milliseconds according to a team of scientists of Royal Holloway, University of London, the Royal Veterinary College and the Hawk Conservancy Trust.

This is the most amazing view to watch Kung Fu using its foot technique during your Tanzania Safari. Lake Manyara Park and, Arusha National park is the top Tanzania Destinations where you can find the Secretary bird. For More Info Visit @ https://jerrytanzaniatours.com/

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