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Can You Spot Mammals While Climbing Kilimanjaro?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Hey, all the zoophilists! Kilimanjaro National Park has many surprises for you too. Kilimanjaro Activities are not limited only to the trekking activities. It also includes the sight-seeing of various animals during Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. It covers a huge land of 652 square miles. With the splendid sight-seen of numerous animals, Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro For Beginners becomes more enjoyable.

The Unique Animals Found On Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro For Beginners is a little challenging. But with these cute and unique animals, they get the most beautiful experience of their life on Kilimanjaro. There are some unique animals encountered on Mount Kilimanjaro adding some more Activities in Mount Kilimanjaro. Besides trekking, you can enjoy the side view along with framing them.


this is a nocturnal animal having a lithe body. This is a peaceful animal having a unique color pattern on its body. They love to live in the woodlands and river areas. They spend most of the time sleeping. They have a short broad neck and a bushy tail. There is a black and white pattern with blotches on its fur. Its body shapes and look are almost similar to a raccoon.


Genets are small and agile creatures having a look similar to a cat. They can stand by their hind legs. They have a spotted body with a long ringed tail. Their tails are of the nearly same length of their body. Genets are omnivorous.


These are the family member of the wildcat. Their heads are small, and their ears are large, and they have the longest legs of any cat relative to their body size often standing 21-24 inches (54-62 cm) at the shoulder, and weighing anywhere from 20-40 lbs (9-18 kg). Their favorite prey is Rodent. They also hunt birds, frogs, insects, and reptiles.

Abbot’s Duiker

These animals roam in the highlands. These are the very little in size but very wild in behavior. They are nocturnal vegetarian.

Crested Porcupine

These are covered with dark brown and black bristles. They have a lot of tentacles on their body. If anyone wonders, What I Wish I Knew Before Climbing Kilimanjaro, then it must be the porcupine. This species is so unique.


These are the cutest among all.these are commonly known as the tree dassies. They are a very small size nocturnal animal.


They are otherwise known as African Ant Bear.

What Are The Different Kilimanjaro Activities On Kilimanjaro

Some years back, a large number of animals like buffalo, lion, giraffes, elephants were roaming on the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. But now the animals have moved to a region having less human interference. Still, some mammals are living on Mount Kilimanjaro. Mount Kilimanjaro Activities include the sight-seeing of many unbelievable things on the Mount Kilimanjaro. This also adds some more to the Kilimanjaro Outdoor Adventure.

The Mummified Buffalo

There was an intact and well-preserved body of a buffalo on the Mount Kilimanjaro. The buffalos come to the Kilimanjaro being attracted by the salt and minerals of rock. Unfortunately in 2009 a buffalo was lodged between boulders and starved to death. It remained for several years as a great attraction of the northern route.

The Summit Dog

There was a living dog on the Kilimanjaro Summit in 2011.  Antoine le Galloudec, a Kilimanjaro traveler spotted this dog on the summit. This was wired for everyone to find a dog there in that extreme cold climate.

The Frozen Leopard

There is a dried and frozen carcass of a Leopard on the western summit. This location is known as the Leopard Point. In 1926 a traveler, Richard Reusch, discovered the freeze died leopard on the Kilimanjaro Summit.

Jerry Tanzania Tours

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