The Highs & Lows Of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Via The Kilimanjaro VIP Route

Have you ever wondered to have a trek on Mount Kilimanjaro?

There are 6 official routes for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. There are make sure that whatever tour company you select to Kilimanjaro Climb. That it is a reputable one. The way to climb successfully would be with skilled guides and porters.  Operator dedicated to quality, safety, and an ethical approach to the mountain and its staff. There will be a hike for 9 nights on the mountain (including one night before and after the trek at Arusha). The organization includes

  • all meals
  • ahead guide
  • an associate guide for every 2 trekkers
  • porters to carry the luggage
  • cook and kitchen staff
  • dining and mess tent
  • a sleeping tent set up for 2 persons
  • a chemical toilet and park entrance fees

 A small ration of heated water delivered for our bath in our provisional private bathroom. It will be the greatest luxury with standard Kilimanjaro packages.

When to go:

You can Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro at any time of year, preferable months to ascend are January-February and September-October.  It can also advisable to July and August, if you can challenge the colder weather that winter brings.

  • Do not underestimate the importance of packing list of Kilimanjaro gear. Even if you’re roaming at a reasonably pleasant time.  Be geared up properly.
  • On slopes ranging between 10 and 40 degrees, on a variety of terrain. Clothes that enable us to peel in and out of layers, like self-regulating ecosystems, become investments. A concerned packing list lies with you bedside. Worn-in hiking-boots, check. Gaiters to keep small stones out of my hiking boots, check. Head torch and spare batteries, check out as it is very important.

Adaptation to Kilimanjaro slopes

Mount Kilimanjaro factually the majestic roof of Africa at height of 5,895 metres boasts an excellent landscape. It’s died out and dormant volcanic cones. You don’t need to have any specific technical skill to makes Kilimanjaro climb. Good physical fitness, an aptitude to acclimatise and great attitude are mandatory, however.

  • The scientific attention to detail the route variations that you can follow to climb Kilimanjaro. Lemosho, which is an eight-day trek of reasonable difficulty. It permits enough time for acclimatisation while passing through striking landscapes, ends up ticking my boxes.
  • The weather in Kilimanjaro from the first day is changeable. A time of warm sunrays is scattered by a burst of angry, spitting rain. “Dress pessimistic, talk optimistic” is the best advice you will get.
  • Through the rain forest, filigreed by endemic trees. “Pole, pole (slow, slow),” the guide will say, it will make you gentle on slope.
  • Breathe in and out through nose and try not open the mouth as you hike. Acclimatise correctly to co-operate on altitude. Get hydrate with four litres of water per day. Proper willpower and successful adaptation to the retreating air are essential to the success of this trip. The walking poles, which can be hired before embarking on the climb, will be new best friend.
  • Another essential is to eat the meal well. You must consumed the elaborate pleasure-seeking meals from pre-specified ingredients. A finger-pulse oximeter is used to check heart rate and level of blood oxygen. It is used to check frequently.

A climbing the tents glows downhill from summit from Barafu Camp

The changes in the ecosystems, as your Climbing Kilimanjaro, are sudden and shockingly defined. Here, a juniper forest. There, the Shira Plateau. The next day, a blunt, mountain of desert and glacial field.

  • The landscape around you, as the guide points out features that make each terrain unique.
  • In the moorland, for instance. You will stand to miss spectacle of a unique endless flower, of walking on extensive carpet of moss and lichen. There is nothing to bother the harmony of this delicate ecosystem. Do not take break for the photographs and leave only footprints is not always observed by the travelling crowds.
  • On a rocky slope in the Great Barranco Valley, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa. The sub-alpine location on the mountain ropes a unique display of mega herb plant classes.
  • On a rocky slope in the Great Barranco Valley, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa. The mild dessert environment on the mountain chains a distinctive mega herb plant species.

The descending day is might be eighth day of your journey. The “VIP” introduced as the route offers the most spectacular views. Throughout Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro during morning and the night at campsite you will feel it.  The route have many things to capture. Not only during climb but also during the moving downhill. Yes, every Kilimanjaro Routes have their own beauty. As the route take time and have low altitude sickness possibilities with wonderful magnetism. The journey with this route will be all time amazing. To know more about Kilimanjaro climb routes visit at @Jerry Tanzania Tours (

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