Gearing up for your Zanzibar beach Holidays? Don’t forget to pack these top 10 essentials!

There is a famous saying about beaches – “Saltwater heals everything”; and if you are looking for a perfect beach gateway for restoring your energy then what can be better than spending a day in the tranquil paradise of Zanzibar Beaches. If Zanzibar Beach Holidays are something you are planning on your next trip; then here are the top 10 packing essentials that will make your holiday comfier.

The Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean consists of many small islands as well as 2 big ones named Unguja and Pemba Island. Everything about this Island is appealing; from the sandy beaches to delicious seafood, from the culture to history, from the classic bars to world-class accommodation. Evoking the images of picture-postcard beaches, swaying palm trees, and turquoise waters, Zanzibar Beaches are perfect for a lazy beach holiday when all you want to do is relax and recharge your soul.  

In this blog, you’ll find all the useful information you need for your first trip to Zanzibar. This includes a packing list and other information is the best if you are short of time. These insights come to you first-hand from our last trip to Zanzibar. You’re welcome.

What To Pack For Zanzibar Beach Holidays Includes…..

|1| Day wears:

Zanzibar day ware

Being a traditional country most of the streets of Zanzibar demands a decent dressing, however, the beaches are the place where you can go with minimal dressing. Going to hit the beaches in the day time and planning to spend your days around the beach shores walking on the sand bare-feet. So pack some of your printed, colorful t-shirts as well as shorts that are the most comfortable on the beaches to get wet and have complete fun. 

|2| Evening wear:

Zanzibar Evening wear

Zanzibar is an island hosting many tranquil beaches that are a little different from the other beach places you will traverse in the world. If you truly want to enjoy the place dress accordingly as dressing is a great part of Zanzibar’s culture. While you can spend your days on beaches wearing shorts, t-shirts and flip-flop footwear you need to find some casual yet classic dresses for your evening wear. Choose dresses that are effortless, minimal, and easy to maintain while exploring the streets of Zanzibar.

Tips: Give respect to the culture and avoid wearing dresses that are too revealing. The women should wear dresses that cover the shoulder to knees well.

|3| Shoes & flip flop

Shoes & flip flops

Let the waves touch your feet and sand be your seat – Let Zanzibar your next destination where you can spend some of the most enriching moments of your life. The island comes with a combination of exploring 2 major parts, the vibrant streets, and the sandy beaches. You need to prepare well for both of the occasions; hence we recommend packing a good pair of shoes as well as a pair of colorful flip-flops for your holiday trip to Zanzibar. The shoes you can wear in the evening or days while exploring the market, streets, and other places. Keep your flip-flops for your beach time as wearing sandals or shoes can make you feel uneasy to walk in the sands.

Tips: loves to wear sandals, you can pack some of your favorite sandals that you can wear while hitting the streets of Zanzibar  

|4| Sun hat & Sunglasses

sun glass & Sun hat

Being one of the countries residing close to the equator, Zanzibar experiences strong sunny days. Except for the heavy rainfall time (March-April-May) the beaches are almost always sunny. So if you are coming to the country to experience nice beach holidays don’t forget to pack Hat and sunglasses that you save your face and eyes from direct sun exposure.

|5| Sunscreen


Want to have a good holiday in Zanzibar without burning and damaging your skin too much in the strong UV rays of Sun? Then don’t forget to pack a good Sunscreen tube having at least 30+ SPF. Apply sunscreen well in your exposed skin so that it will save your skin from severe tanning as well as don’t forget to bring a lip balm with SPF which will protect your lips as well.

|6| Medication kit

First Aid

While booking your ticket for Zanzibar Beach Holidays, it’s suggested to have a proper health check-up with your physician. If you have any allergic or any long-term treatment you are going under it’s advisable to pack the essential medicines that you are consuming. Also, don’t bring your first-aid kit while flying to Tanzania.  

|7| Waterproof Bag

things to carry Zanzibar | water-Proof Bag

While visiting Zanzibar don’t forget to bring a waterproof bag so that you can keep your baggage or any personal item you are carrying to the beach can keep dry. Sometimes a camera, pair of extra clothes, or some of your other personal items can get wet while you are enjoying the beach. So better to keep these items in a waterproof bag, so if you splash some water also it will stay dry.

|8| Bringing the Travel  Adapter for Electronic gadgets

Waht to Carry Zanzibar Travel Adaptor

If you are traveling from the US or any other country there is most likely one problem you may face, the electronic gadgets need lesser voltage where In Tanzania the power plugs and sockets are of type D and G. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. So it’s advisable to bring adapters to manage the power as per the need for your electronic gadgets to charge properly. Moreover, you can rely on Power banks to recharge your devices on the go.

|9| Earplugs

10 Zanzibar Essential Ear-plugs

Planning your trip to Zanzibar, want to escape the hustling-bustling city life away from the noise. Well, you did make a good choice; however, we recommend you to bring a pair of ear-plug to have some quiet moments on the beach enjoying some music or meditating on the sand. 

|10| Rain Jacket

Waht To Pack for Zanzibar | Rain Jacket

If you are planning your Zanzibar Beach Holidays in the rainy season then it’s advisable to pack a lightweight rain jacket. The rainy season in Zanzibar is quite unpredictable and it can rain anytime so better to pack a rain-jacket to protect yourself from rain.

Take a blue safari in Zanzibar, explore snorkeling, diving, spice tour, and many more, and spend a few of your clumsiest days on the Zanzibar Beaches. Zanzibar Beach Holidays is something that will take you to a surprising dreamland whilst making your senses fresh. Explore this tranquil spot of the planet at its best with Jerry Tanzania Tours; the best tour operator in Tanzania. 

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