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06 / Feb / 2020

Know The Secretary Bird Size and Their Physical Features.

The secretary bird size is tall and large, and located in open grasslands and savannah of the sub-Saharan region. The secretary bird has a head like an eagle with yellow colour around its eyes. This hunter bird has long legs covered with thick black scales to protect the leg from snake venom.

04 / Feb / 2020

What Does Secretary Bird Mean? Know The Diet & Habitat Of “Africa’s Marching Eagle”

The Secretary bird is a large bird with the head of an eagle with Long legs and neck. It was named after its feathered crest on the back of its head. The feathered crests actually look like an old secretary carrying old quill pens on behind his ears or, look like an old-fashioned clerk carrying quill pens on his wig.

01 / Feb / 2020

19 QnA Facts of the Secretary Bird (African Devil's Horse)

Secretary Bird is a Large and mostly terrestrial bird of prey. Endemic to Africa, it is usually found in the open grasslands and savannah of the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Here we are going to discuss 24 Secretary Bird Facts or the facts about African’s Devil’s Horse.

30 / Dec / 2019

12 Most Interesting Fun Facts About Giraffes

The Giraffe is the beautiful tallest artiodactyl –which means the animals, who have even-toe, mammal in the world, standing at around 4-5m high, and the tallest giraffes ever recorded have been up to 5.9m. There are lots of interesting facts about Giraffe, let’s know some more one by one.

23 / Dec / 2019

How Fast Can An Antelope Run? Know The Speed Of An Antelope!

Antelopes have common deer-like features, smooth hair, and horns, and sophisticated ability to run up to 25 meters per second. They have many specifications, what makes them different, especially their endearing or attractive twisted horns, that can make you stop for a moment. Antelopes speed depends upon their sub-species, and physical structure but they can easily beat the speed of Cheetah.

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