The country resides very close to the south equator. Due to the reason, its climate is completely affected by the equator. You will discover a tropical climate in the country. The coastal areas like Zanzibar are hot and humid.

The country experiences mainly 2 seasons; the dry season and the wet season. The dry season can be further getting divided into 2 seasons; the long dry season and the short dry season. From June to mid-October, the country experiences the long dry season. During this time there is almost no rainfall, the weather stays clear.

While the long dry season is considered as a great time to visit Tanzania for a safari or trekking expeditions the short dry season also welcomes a decent amount of tourist. January and February is the short dry season of the country while travelers can expect a little rainfall. However, the sky remains clear most of the time.

The long rainy season continues through March, April, and May. During the long rainy season, the country faces heavy downpour and the climate stays mostly humid. Hence, it is mostly not preferred by tourists. The country also experiences a short rainy season from November to December. There is rain but it is lighter and not that intense.

If you are about to plan a visit to the country and thinking about which is the perfect time then the answer is you can plan it year around. However, most of the tourist prefers dry months to view untamed wildlife. But those who are looking for a budget trip prefers the wet season. The wet season offers mostly discounted prices.