If you are thinking that a Tanzania Safari is all about spotting wildlife, natural views, and enjoying safari then you are not exactly correct. A Tanzania Safari comes with many surprises and the delicious food is one of them. The country offers a great cultural heritage to explore. The food of the country is also a part of its culture.

Tanzania cuisines are filled with various flavours of spice. Most of the Tanzania cuisines have a touch of Indian and Arabic. Mostly the camps and lodges where tourists accommodate during their safari provide food. While lodges have their permanent dining area and kitchens, camps have temporary cooking areas. Mostly during your camping safari, your cook will travel with you to the camping spot. Cooks are highly experienced and not only Tanzanian cuisine they can also prepare some other dishes too.

Ugali is the local food consumed by the Tanzanians regularly and also Wali, Nyama Choma, Mshikaki, Pilau are some of the daily consumed food. Few dishes like pilaf are the rice cooked with various spices and Nayama choma that is meat grilled on a BBQ.