Tanzania is a country sealed with stunning wildlife, natural view, beautiful volcano peaks, and beaches. While visiting the country one thing pops into every traveler's mind is to capture the stunning beauty of the country in their lenses. 


While coming for a Tanzania Safari make sure, you pack the best camera you have. No matter if you are a pro photographer or an inexperienced one it’s guaranteed that you will capture some stunning snaps.


 Here are some tips to have a great photographic experience; 

Be patient- the national parks of the country offer great wildlife and birdlife to spot. It can be difficult to capture them in the perfect pose; you need to be patient to capture them in action.


Be prepared with your camera- Be clicking ready always. If you are looking for some stunning photographs keep your camera ready always to click. You never know when you will meet a playing cheetah cub or lioness hunting or a secretary bird walking in poise. So be prepared to capture it on your camera.


Capture moving object- when your subject is moving to keep your shutter speed of at least 1/125 for sharper images or you may use the panning method.


Focus on the enhancing part- while capturing an animal or a bird focus on its best-highlighted part of the body. For example, if you are capturing a bird with round multicolour eyes, focus in its eyes. While capturing a furious predator keep your focus in their eyes or focus the mane of a lion. It will enhance the image.