It is very confusing for travelers usually how much money they should bring while traveling to Tanzania. While entering Tanzania keep in mind your cards won’t work here. The country is still working with cash and almost everywhere you need to pay in cash. So, you need to carry a lot of cash. 

Tanzania has its currency. A Tanzanian currency is known as Tanzania Shilling which is symbolized as Tzs. However, US Dollars are accepted at a few branded and international style hotels. At very few places Euros and Pounds are also accepted. Some big hotels or upmarket shopping stores may accept credit or debit cards. 

You can withdraw Tanzanian Shilling from the ATMs. You can use your visa card or master card for the same. You can withdraw maximum Tsh300, 000 or Tsh400, 000 per transaction and some small-town ATMs allow withdrawing 20,000Tzs per transaction. 

The money you are bringing from your homeland must be printed after 2006 or else it may not be accepted. You are recommended to bring $50 or $100 notes which are easy and have a better value when exchanged. Keep your small notes like $1 or $5 for tipping.