The warm climate, the natural scenery, untamed wildlife national parks, the rugged peaks, and the tranquil beach gateways of Tanzania drive millions of visitors. It is an excellent piece that inspires many travelers crazy. So, if you are planning a trip to this country here are a few things that you need to know like; 

Where to go: 

The country offers countless spots to explore including 16 national parks, game reserves, beach gateways, and more. So make sure which places you want to cover and choose your itineraries wisely so that you can discover the best within your stay. 

Health, language, & money: 

health insurance is highly recommended before visiting the country, also take care of all the required vaccinations.

Language won’t be a big problem though, as English is the 2nd official language of the country. 

Tanzanian Shilling is the currency of the country which is symbolized as Tzs. 

 Local Customs: 

The country is home to 120 tribal groups. There are various traditions and customs followed by these ethnic groups. Explore these while you are visiting the country. This can be a fun memory to remember forever. 

Best time to go: 

Explore your suitable time to visit the country so that it will be easy for you to plan accordingly. The dry season is the best time to go, though it’s up to you that when you want to plan your trip. The best time to take a trip would be between June to October. 

What to pack: 

Proper packing is vital for every safari trip. Like packing a mosquito net and replant as well as full sleeve dresses are mandatory. To save yourself from mosquitoes which are a dangerous health threat in the country. As well as do good research on what else to pack and arrange your baggage accordingly.